My Hero Academia chapter 419: Major spoilers to expect

After All For One’s unexpected and thrilling comeback in the previous issue, fans are eagerly anticipating the continuation of the story in My Hero Academia chapter 419 and beyond. Fortunately, there will not be a break week before the next installment, as the series’ author and illustrator Kohei Horikoshi will continue to release new chapters.

Despite fans eagerly waiting for verifiable spoilers of My Hero Academia chapter 419 to be released, it may still take some time for them to be revealed for the issue. Recent anti-manga piracy efforts in Japan have raised concerns about the future of spoiler processes for popular Weekly Shonen Jump series, such as Horikoshi’s work.

Fortunately, fans can still expect to see some significant developments in My Hero Academia chapter 419, even if there are no confirmed spoilers. The focus will likely be on All For One and his plans to manipulate Shigaraki’s state of mind and ultimately take control of his body.

All For One Begins His Plan to Take Over Tomura’s Body in My Hero Academia Chapter 419

Key Plot Details Revealed

As previously stated, the main focus of My Hero Academia chapter 419 should be on All For One and his recent reappearance. The chapter is expected to begin with a short explanation of his return, possibly utilizing the same explanation as the One For All Quirk, which manifested vestiges of its past users. This also implies that the original All For One Quirk factor is still intact and within Shigaraki’s possession.

The attention will likely then turn to the present, where it will be revealed that All For One has complete control over the dream world that Tomura Shigaraki and Izuku “Deku”Midoriya are currently in. It is possible that he will continue to make Deku fall endlessly into an abyss, as the child is already seen falling at the end of the previous issue without an arm.

In the upcoming chapter 419 of My Hero Academia, the spotlight is expected to be on the exchange between Shigaraki and All For One. Shigaraki may confront All For One about the memories he witnessed and demand the truth. All For One is likely to reveal his reasons for selecting Tenko/Tomura to receive the Decay Quirk and his intentions for using him in his future schemes. Ultimately, the explanation may revolve around his connection to Nana Shimura, adding a layer of irony to the situation.

All For One is expected to disclose that many other aspects of Tomura’s life were heavily impacted by him, expanding on his statement in chapter 418 that Tomura’s decisions were never truly his own. This suggests that All For One not only directly shaped Tomura’s life through his actions, but also subtly influenced him from the moment he passed on the All For One Quirk factor.

In My Hero Academia chapter 419, it is expected that Tomura will finally confront All For One and hold him accountable for the transformation into a monster. Tomura is likely to acknowledge the role All For One played in giving him the “hands”and the Decay Quirk, freeing himself from the burden he has carried for so long. The chapter will likely conclude with Tomura vowing to defeat All For One and starting their psychological struggle for dominance over Tomura’s body.

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