My Hero Academia Chapter 425: Class A Moves to the Second Year as Aoyama Leaves U.A.

The latest installment in the My Hero Academia series, chapter 425, continued the exciting epilogue and hinted at a focus on Shoto Todoroki and his family in the upcoming weeks. However, it was announced that there will be a two-week hiatus after the chapter’s release.

Despite not being as thrilling as fans had hoped, My Hero Academia chapter 425 still has many exciting elements to look forward to, such as the graduation of important U.A. students and a long-awaited change in Class A. These developments overshadow the disappointment of the looming two-week break and the setup for Shoto’s storyline.

Hitoshi Shinso officially enrolls in the Hero Course in Chapter 425 of My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Chapter 425: The End…

My Hero Academia chapter 425 opens with the Big 3's departure from U.A. (Image via BONES)
My Hero Academia chapter 425 opens with the Big 3’s departure from U.A. (Image via BONES)

The 425th chapter of My Hero Academia started with Izuku “Deku” Midoriya observing as U.A. Academy held its graduation ceremony. The first to receive their diplomas were Tamaki Amajiki and Nejire Hado. A few male students could be seen expressing their disappointment at Hado’s departure, while Present Mic, who was DJing the event, also shared his sadness about the ceremony’s purpose. Nevertheless, he assured them that he would give them a lively farewell, even without the presence of cherry blossoms.

The next page provided a comical comparison of the three grades and their responses to Present Mic’s DJing. Deku, serving as the narrator, mentioned that it was now June and the senior students were set to graduate. A few members of Class A were seen shedding tears, while Hado and Amajiki talked about their current situations and credited Mirio Togata for looking after them following their battles.

In chapter 425 of My Hero Academia, Deku revealed that Principal Nezu was the driving force behind society’s rapid restoration. He pointed out that Nezu had pressured other countries to assist in the process. As Deku spoke, he recalled some of Nezu’s words and praised him for always focusing on the bigger picture rather than just the immediate battle.

Nezu's importance continues to be put over in My Hero Academia chapter 425 (Image via BONES)
Nezu’s importance continues to be put over in My Hero Academia chapter 425 (Image via BONES)

After Mawata Fuwa finished her farewell address as the students’ representative, the attention shifted back to the ceremony. Graduates’ representative Mirio Togata took the stage and surprised the other graduates with his serious tone. He expressed his gratitude to all those in attendance and acknowledged the sacrifices they had made, as this is often the reality of a hero’s journey.

In My Hero Academia chapter 425, Mirio emphasizes that even with everyone’s hard work, they have not yet returned to a neutral state after the previous war. He stresses that their ultimate goal will not be achieved immediately, but he firmly believes that a world without laughter has no promising future. Their true aspiration is a world where everyone can live happily and positively, known as the “pluses”world.

Mirio then activated his powers, vanishing from sight, and asked Sir Nighteye to keep an eye on him as he began their pursuit of their goal. He bid farewell to his younger classmates and reappeared in a fresh outfit, just as a massive mech emerged onto the stage, a longstanding tradition for the school’s graduation.

My Hero Academia chapter 425: …and the beginning

Class 1-A becomes Class 2-A by My Hero Academia chapter 425's end (Image via BONES)
Class 1-A becomes Class 2-A by My Hero Academia chapter 425’s end (Image via BONES)

During My Hero Academia chapter 425, the students of Class A, now known as Class 2-A, gathered in their homeroom where Shota Aizawa announced that he would continue to be their teacher for another year. The students were overjoyed by this news, and Katsuki Bakugo reassured his classmates that he would be able to attend school as long as he remained calm. He also reminded them that attendance was mandatory for the day.

Aizawa then called out to someone behind the classroom door, who turned out to be Yuga Aoyama. Aoyama announced his departure from U.A. and Class 2-A. When questioned by the others about why he didn’t change his mind, Aoyama explained that he wanted to make amends, even though he could have stayed if he wanted to. He also revealed that he had only come to U.A. because All For One had ordered him to, and that he didn’t feel deserving of attending the school.

In chapter 425 of My Hero Academia, the protagonist states that he will first make amends for his wrongdoings before attempting to reclaim his role as a Pro Hero. He then reassures himself by recalling the moment he accepted his friends’ support, even offering Deku a piece of cheese while shedding tears. Deku concurs with him, and Aoyama expresses his belief that one day he will stand proudly beside his comrades.

As the others began to well up with emotion, Aoyama swiftly activated his Quirk and released a barrage of lasers, expressing his dislike for emotional moments and hinting at a surprise he had in store. The surprise turned out to be the official addition of Hitoshi Shinso to Class A, prompting everyone to shower him with congratulations. However, Aoyama became upset that the focus shifted away from him, while Minoru Mineta noticed that Toru Hagakure’s Quirk was experiencing glitches, making her visible.

In chapter 425 of My Hero Academia, others praised her appearance as Minoru Mineta readied himself to speak. However, before he could, Aizawa intervened and silenced him. Mawata Fuwa then arrived and announced that the 2nd and 3rd years would be assisting with rebuilding efforts and combatting troublesome crimes under her guidance. She acknowledged that their actions may not be recorded in history due to the chaotic nature of the times. Shoto added that All For One emerged during a similar period of tumult.

Fuwa mentioned that Aizawa did not participate in the expulsion prank with them, and this made her realize the reason behind her desire to become a hero. As she left, Deku was deep in thought. The Class 2-A students also departed and talked about how they would soon become upperclassmen starting from the next day.

In chapter 425 of My Hero Academia, the group was discussing the rapid pace of events. Uraraka also mentioned Deku’s shaved head and expressed hope that it would grow back soon. Rikido Sato then pointed out Fumikage Tokoyami’s “new look,”which consisted of frizzy hair. Despite this, Tokoyami stated that he liked his new hair as Deku appeared to be bothered by something and stared at Uraraka.

The attention then turned to a different character, who was observed struggling and weeping while making his way through an alley with bare feet and ragged clothing. The focus then reverted back to the students, with Deku inquiring if Shoto would attend the farewell gathering. Shoto responded that he would, as long as it wasn’t happening on the same day. Deku reassured Shoto, who then shifted the focus once again to a disabled Endeavor sitting in front of a massive machine.

My Hero Academia Chapter 425: In Summation

Although My Hero Academia chapter 425 serves as a setup for the epilogue arc, it also introduces several intriguing plot developments for the upcoming chapters. One of the most intriguing is the introduction of a new character, who bears a striking resemblance to a mature Tenko Shimura, causing concern among many fans.

The appearance of Endeavor at the end of the issue has captivated fans, as it appears to be foreshadowing a significant development for Dabi in the future issues. Despite the excitement, there is a sense of unease among fans due to the dark tone of the scene, leading to fears that Toya Todoroki may not receive the desired happy ending.

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