My Hero Academia Fans Anticipate an Upcoming Fight in the Anime, and It’s Not What You Might Expect

Despite being known for its epic battles, there is one fight in My Hero Academia that fans are eagerly anticipating in the anime. Surprisingly, it does not feature Deku as the main character.

The highly anticipated start of My Hero Academia Season 7 did not disappoint as it opened with a thrilling battle between Star and Stripe and Shigaraki. The intense mid-air confrontation added to the show’s reputation for showcasing epic clashes.

Fans familiar with the manga are currently engaged in a discussion about the upcoming fight they are eagerly anticipating, as the My Hero Academia series is approaching its conclusion in both the original source material and the anime adaptation. One particular fight has been brought to attention, and although it involves Shigaraki, Deku only plays a minor role.

The highly anticipated battle between Endeavor, Hawks, and a battalion of rising heroes against All For One is eagerly awaited by many fans.

According to a fan on Reddit, this fight features some of the most impressive choreography, paneling, and dialogue in the story. They particularly enjoyed AFO’s snarky remarks, Endeavor’s rage, and Hawks’ desperation, and expressed their hope that the animators will do justice to this fight.

“Another user commented that the dynamic between Endeavor and Hawks was superb when they interacted with All For One, and they expressed their hope for Season 7 to showcase this well. They also mentioned that the anime always becomes more exciting when Endeavor is on screen.”

One individual’s comment expressed it clearly: “The battle between Endeavor and All For One is undoubtedly the greatest fight in My Hero Academia.”

The confrontation between Deku and Shigaraki was the lead-up to their ultimate showdown, where everything would be decided. While their encounter was certainly epic, the battle between Endeavor and Hawks carried an unpredictable energy, as the outcome was uncertain. It was possible that either of them could meet their demise – but for that, one would have to read or watch to discover the truth.

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