My Hero Academia Fans Ready to Riot If Horikoshi Doesn’t Give Deku and Uraraka the Bridgerton Ending They Deserve

Despite focusing primarily on the struggle between heroes and villains in society, the My Hero Academia manga also delves into various sub-plots. One significant storyline revolves around the romantic relationship between Izuku Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka.

Despite being one of the longest-running sub-plots in the anime, the development of a confession between Deku and Ochako has been lacking. Fans have noticed the mutual feelings between the two characters, but the manga has yet to show them getting closer to one another.

As the manga nears its end with only three chapters remaining in its serialization, fans are gearing up for potential unrest if manga creator Kohei Horikoshi does not fulfill their desires.

Please note: This article contains spoilers from the My Hero Academia manga.

My Hero Academia: The Possible Bridgerton Ending for Deku and Ochako

Ochako Uraraka as seen in the manga (Image via Shueisha)
Ochako Uraraka as seen in the manga (Image via Shueisha)

Ever since the beginning of the epilogue in the My Hero Academia manga, it has been clear to fans that Izuku Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka’s interactions with each other have been different than usual.

It was apparent in the initial epilogue chapter that Deku attempted to communicate with Ochako. However, she disregarded Midoriya’s words and shifted the topic to his hair. Deku’s response at that moment hinted to the audience that he was aware of Ochako’s hidden smile behind her pain. This scene laid the groundwork for a potential conversation between the two characters in the future within the manga series.

Izuku Midoriya as seen in the manga (Image via Shueisha)
Izuku Midoriya as seen in the manga (Image via Shueisha)

With this in mind, fans of My Hero Academia have started voicing their desire for the romantic subplot between Deku and Ochako to finally be given the attention it deserves. The manga has dedicated a significant amount of time to developing their emotions and connections with each other, leading fans to eagerly anticipate the potential for a relationship between Deku and Ochako since the very start of the series.

On Reddit, u/TyrionLannister557, a fan of My Hero Academia, also made it clear that they would not be satisfied with any changes to the romantic subplot and insisted that the two Class 2A students must become a couple before the series concludes.

Deku and Ochako as seen in the anime (Image via BONES)
Deku and Ochako as seen in the anime (Image via BONES)

The creators were adamant that any refusal by either character to date the other would be met with criticism, regardless of the reason. This included scenarios where Deku or Ochako might be portrayed as too traumatized to pursue a romantic relationship. The manga had been building towards this potential relationship for some time, making it possible for Kohei Horikoshi to have ended it earlier if he had desired to do so.

The My Hero Academia fan also shared their desire to witness a meeting between Izuku Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka on the rooftop in chapter 428. They hoped for Deku to offer support to Ochako as she dealt with her emotions surrounding Himiko Toga. The fan also expressed their wish for a heartfelt confession and kiss between the two characters as a way to solidify their relationship. Overall, My Hero Academia fans were adamant that manga creator Kohei Horikoshi provide a satisfying ending for Deku and Ochako similar to the popular series, Bridgerton.

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