My Hero Academia Takes Mid-Season Break, Season 7 Part 2 to Air Soon

My Hero Academia Season 7 has been action-packed up to this point, but there’s a brief pause in the action with the announcement of a short break between episodes.

This year is significant for My Hero Academia, with the release of Season 7 propelling one of the top anime to even greater heights, the premiere of My Hero Academia: You’re Next in July, and the culmination of the manga in August.

Amidst the ongoing release of the seventh season, speculation arose that it would be divided into two parts. After Episode 9, it has now been officially announced that My Hero Academia Season 7 is indeed separated into cours.

In a recent Twitter announcement, it was confirmed that Cour 1 would conclude with Episode 9 and the second cour of My Hero Academia Season 7 would begin on Saturday, July 13, 2024. While no specific reason was given for the gap, this is a common practice in the industry to ensure consistent quality by allowing animators time for production.

My Hero Academia typically has lengthy seasons, with the seventh season being just three episodes shorter than the usual 21. This requires a significant amount of television production, and keeping up with a weekly release schedule can be challenging.

Fans are appreciative and considerate of the decision. According to one comment, “I’ll be eagerly waiting in front of the TV for the next episode, sitting upright.”

“One fan expresses their relief that the series consists of at least two parts, with each episode being consistently amazing. Another fan eagerly anticipates the start of the second cour in two weeks, citing multiple reasons for their excitement and expressing their anticipation for what is to come.”

My Hero Academia has strategically planned to not coincide with Anime Expo next weekend, as well as the premiere of Oshi no Ko Season 2 and Tower of God Season 2 during that same week. This allows them to have a clear start without any competition, before all three shows begin competing for viewers’ time and attention.

The upcoming summer season is expected to be a great one!

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