My Hero Academia: The Possibility of Repairing Dabi and Endeavor’s Relationship Divides Fans

Recently, chapter 425 of My Hero Academia was released and ended with a major cliffhanger. Endeavor was shown sitting in front of a large device, leading fans to speculate that Dabi may be inside. This sparked a debate about the true nature of their relationship. This cliffhanger has created the possibility of their relationship being salvaged if Dabi is indeed inside the device, causing a divide among fans.

Undoubtedly, Endeavor’s portrayal as a father and husband has sparked intense debate within the My Hero Academia community. While some may criticize his early behavior in the series, others commend author Kohei Horikoshi for his redemption arc. Regardless of individual viewpoints, it is highly likely that the upcoming chapters will greatly impact the legacy of this particular subplot.

Please note that this article includes spoilers for the series.

My Hero Academia fans debate over Endeavor and Dabi’s relationship in the series

Reactions to the recent manga cliffhanger have been divisive (Image via X/@bluegreytan).
Reactions to the recent manga cliffhanger have been divisive (Image via X/@bluegreytan).

Despite the strong reactions online to the cliffhanger in chapter 425 of the manga, a prevailing theory suggests that Endeavor is observing a device that is keeping Dabi alive. This theory is supported by the fact that the chapter’s final pages heavily feature Endeavor’s son, Shoto Todoroki. However, there has been no confirmation that Dabi, also known as Toya Todoroki, perished in their final battle.

It is possible that in the epilogue of the series, Dabi and Endeavor may reconcile, although there are differing opinions among fans.

Despite differing opinions, there are some who believe that Endeavor is undeserving of redemption, while others feel that Dabi’s transformation may appear forced. Additionally, there are fans who see neither option as beneficial for the overall narrative.

“Oh my god Endeavor is a bad parent but this makes me want to cry at the parallels,”someone said.

“Still find it crazy people try say Endeavor doesn’t/never cared for his kids, like it’s explained and directly said so many times Touya broke him,”another person said.

“Horikoshi is a cruel, cruel man and a phenomenal artist,”someone else said.

Dabi had a very complicated relationship with his parents, Enji and Rei (Image via Bones).
Dabi had a very complicated relationship with his parents, Enji and Rei (Image via Bones).

There are various perspectives on the circumstances that led to Toya’s descent into madness and transformation into the infamous antagonist known as Dabi. Certain fans speculate that it was Endeavor’s constant pressure for him to become a hero at a young age that played a role, while others hold Toya’s mother, Rei, responsible for not intervening. However, some believe that Dabi cannot excuse his actions and murders by placing the blame on his parents, as he was an adult at the time.

“Is his child after all,”someone said.

“it’s a throwback, and now we’re all f….d again,”another person said.

More reactions online

The reality is that chapter 425 has established an upcoming confrontation and the ultimate resolution of the Todoroki family’s conflict. It is highly likely that Shoto Todoroki, being a central character, will have a significant role in this circumstance. However, his resolution may not satisfy the majority of My Hero Academia fans.

Given how polarizing Endeavor is as a character, with some despising him and others appreciating his redemption journey, author Kohei Horikoshi is currently faced with a difficult decision in regards to this particular storyline.

“atp taking him off life support is the only good thing his family can do for him honestly,”someone said.

“People saying theyre glad Dabis alive like his prolonged existence isnt eternal torture physically and mentally. I would rather be dead than kept alive like that,”another person said.

Some followers of My Hero Academia have suggested the possibility of Dabi being kept alive on life support and his family agreeing to end his life. This could potentially symbolize his character’s release from his deep-seated hatred and bitterness, although this remains a mere speculation by fans.

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