My Hero Academia’s Epilogue Sparks Controversy Over One Detail

Despite the conclusion of the last arc, My Hero Academia is nearing its end, causing divided opinions among fans due to the absence of a timeskip in the narrative.

The plot of My Hero Academia follows a linear trajectory, beginning with Deku receiving One For All and enrolling in U.A. Throughout the story, he and his classmates experience their first year as high school students, with a glimpse of their second year only appearing in the epilogue.

This timeframe encompasses all significant events such as All Might’s battle against All For One, the Paranormal Liberation War, and the Final War, all occurring within a single year. This specific aspect has caused fans to question whether a timeskip would have been more suitable for the narrative.

Time jumps are a frequently used device in shonen series. Popular franchises such as One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball, and more recently Black Clover and Boruto, have all featured a significant leap forward in time at some point. This serves as a pivotal moment in the story, highlighting the changes in the characters and their journey thus far.

Class 1-A My Hero Academia
Kohei Horikoshi/Bones

Despite this trope, My Hero Academia deviates by opting for a continuous narrative. The impact of this decision on the story is a subject of debate among fans, with varying opinions. While some argue that a timeskip was unnecessary, others believe that a three-year progression for Deku and his peers would have added authenticity to the story.

The protagonist, in particular, could have utilized the time to fully master One For All. Considering the immense power of the Quirk and Deku’s initial lack of physical strength, the duration of three years would have been more plausible for his rapid growth, rather than just a few months.

According to one Reddit user, the idea of a timeskip may not be what people want. However, the fact that the entire series takes place in just one year is not only absurd but completely unnecessary. This is my biggest issue with the series – there could have been more time between events for character growth and less dramatic power-ups.

Another person believed that a timeskip was absolutely necessary for My Hero Academia.

However, there are those who believe that a timeskip would have negatively impacted the story. Many series have faced criticism for abruptly jumping ahead in time, and the same could have happened to My Hero Academia. These individuals argue that depicting the characters as older teenagers would not have added any substance to the plot.

A fan expressed, “In all honesty, I feel the series never required a significant time jump and I’m relieved it didn’t happen.”

One person also mentioned that many school-based series and regular battle shonen tend to avoid major timeskips in the middle of the story.

Although a timeskip may not be included anymore given the manga’s imminent ending, it appears that the author has taken into consideration the feedback of readers. The upcoming epilogue chapters will follow the main characters as they travel around the country during their second year of school. By the conclusion, it is possible that we will witness the graduation of the hero academia crew.

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