NCT’s Renjun Apologizes for Accidentally Exposing Phone Number of Ordinary Citizen

On June 21st, SM Entertainment provided an explanation for the incident. They stated that on June 20th, Renjun had mistakenly thought that an unfamiliar phone number belonged to a ‘sasaeng fan’ and had revealed it on the fan communication platform. The company also expressed their sincere apologies to the individual whose contact information was disclosed without their consent.

The agency further explained that upon learning that the affected person had gone to the local police station for information, they promptly conveyed their apologies through the responsible investigator and removed the post. They also expressed their commitment to preventing any further harm and earnestly requested that everyone refrain from contacting the affected person.

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The statement also conveyed that Renjun is sincerely reflecting on his actions and the agency takes responsibility for not properly managing their artist. They expressed their apologies to the individual affected and to others who may have been affected by the situation.

Despite experiencing health issues and symptoms of anxiety, NCT’s Renjun took a temporary break from his activities in April. However, on June 11th, he shared his distress with fans on a communication platform, revealing that he was being followed by sasaeng fans even during flights.

On June 20th, Renjun shared a phone number on the fan communication platform, believing it belonged to a “sasaeng fan”. This sparked controversy as the number actually belonged to an ordinary civilian.

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