Netflix Confirms Leviathan Anime

Leviathan, Scott Westerfield’s young adult fiction, effectively depicts the World War I setting. The imaginative concepts, world-building, thrilling action, and relatable protagonists have captivated readers. Fans are now eagerly anticipating Netflix’s upcoming anime adaptation of this popular light novel.

Release Date and Updates for the Leviathan Anime

In 2025, Netflix announced that the anime adaptation of the Leviathan light novel will be released exclusively worldwide on their platform.

The official announcement was made in a video titled “Next On Netflix Animation: The Preview for 2024 and Beyond.”At the 0:47 mark, a brief snippet featuring Leviathan was also shared.

Qubic Pictures and Orange Studio will join forces to produce the series. Qubic is renowned for creating Eden, while Orange is recognized for their work on Beastars.

New Key Visual Released

The prominent visual elements showcase the two primary characters, a prince on the run and a girl masquerading as a boy.

Staff and Cast of The Anime

The upcoming Leviathan anime has appointed Christophe Ferreira as its director, and he is extremely grateful for the opportunity. He expressed his gratitude to Netflix and the entire team for trusting him with this project.

Justin Leach and Taiki Sakurai will be accompanied by producers, while Joe Hisaishi will be the composer for the series’ original songs. Moreover, the anime’s music department will also include Nobuko Toda and Kazuma Jinnouchi.

The announcement of the cast for the anime has not yet been made, but fans can anticipate receiving more updates in the near future.

Plot of The Leviathan Anime

The plot of the Leviathan anime is derived from the Leviathan, Behemoth, and Goliath trilogy written by Scott Westerfeld in 2009. Set in 1914, right before the start of World War I, the series follows the adventures of a disguised girl and a runaway prince who meet on the HMS Leviathan, a bioengineered airship. Their journey has the potential to significantly impact the course of history.

About Leviathan

The premiere of Netflix’s Leviathan, an anime adaptation of Scott Westerfeld’s alternate history novel, is scheduled for 2025.

The events take place in 1914, on the brink of World War I. They revolve around a runaway prince and a disguised girl who cross paths on the HMS Leviathan, a bioengineered airship. Together, they embark on a journey that will alter the course of history.

Orange, the animation studio behind Netflix’s popular anime series Beastars, is in charge of producing the anime adaptation.

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