Netflix’s Top Movie Almost Debuted with Hilariously Inappropriate Title

According to current rankings, the most popular film on Netflix is A Family Affair, a romantic comedy starring Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman. However, when the movie was first released on the streaming platform, it nearly had a humorously inappropriate title.

Over the weekend, viewers on Netflix dedicated their time to watching the recently released romantic comedy A Family Affair, resulting in the film taking the top spot in the movie category.

The film depicts the love story between renowned Hollywood star Chris Cole (Zac Efron) and humble writer Brooke Harwood (Nicole Kidman), who unexpectedly find themselves falling for each other. However, their romance faces challenges when Brooke’s daughter Zara (Joey King) becomes Chris’ personal assistant.

Despite the playful title of the movie that reflects its plot, Kidman disclosed that the project had almost been given a different name. In an exclusive interview with People, she revealed, “The original title was Motherf*cker, but it was censored. For some reason, that title did not end up on the Netflix version.”

Efron was drawn to the production due to its provocative title, stating that it piqued his interest and elevated the script to the top of his list. He was curious to know what the story behind the title could possibly be.

Despite the over-the-top name, Efron’s desire to be a part of the movie was not solely based on that. He also longed to collaborate and act alongside Kidman once more.

Despite having played romantic leads in Lee Daniels’ crime thriller The Paper Boy in 2012, the pair have not appeared on screen together since then.

According to Efron, both of us jumped at the opportunity. It seemed like the perfect way to reconnect and have some fun.

Although the movie provided Efron with the opportunity to work with Kidman, the actress was particularly interested in the film because of its focus on relationships between older women and younger men, which she felt was lacking in the film industry.

“According to Kidman, it has always been acceptable for older men to be with younger women. This has been the norm for a long time and there is a lack of change in this aspect.”

“The issue is that we have not had a diverse range of perspectives, particularly from women, sharing their stories. We also require men who are willing to engage in the game. [Zac] joined the project and brought it to life because he approached it with a sense of enjoyment, a willingness to participate, and a dedication to supporting both Joey and myself.”

Despite the limited number of films that explore this type of romance, 2024 saw the release of another movie in this category. The film, titled The Idea of You, featured Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine as a May/December couple, with Galitzine portraying a highly acclaimed younger man.

You can currently stream A Family Affair on Netflix. Additionally, our guide to the best movies of 2024 so far is available for you to stay updated.

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