Never Beating the Allegations — Dragon Ball Fandom’s Most Infamous Flaw Rears Its Head Again in the Funniest Way Yet

Despite its popularity, Dragon Ball is known for a multitude of reasons. Among these is a recurring joke within its fandom that they are unable to read. This gag has been circulating for years, with some claiming that fans of the series do not even read the source material.

This statement was clearly intended as a joke, as evidenced by a recent incident on X where a Dragon Ball fan demonstrated that the running gag could potentially hold some truth. Despite the fact that a fake image of GT Goku for the game Sparking Zero was circulating online, a fan still questioned its authenticity, even though the post itself had already confirmed it was fake. This led another user to quote, “never beating the allegations.”

Please be aware that this article includes spoilers for the series.

Overcoming Can’t Read Allegations: Dragon Ball Fans Speak Out in Recent Discussion on X

In the fandom of the Dragon Ball series, there is a common joke that suggests other fans should not cross them because they are not well-versed in their favorite anime or may struggle with reading. Although this may appear offensive, it is all in good humor and reflects a subset of the fandom that may occasionally miss details during discussions due to lack of focus.

This point was reiterated in a recent post on X, which confirmed that the GT Goku character, who had been teased for the Sparking Zero video game, was not actually going to be included. Despite this, one fan still questioned its authenticity, even though the original tweet had already clarified that it was false. This sparked a discussion and served as a reminder to many of the ongoing joke surrounding this topic.

Despite the fact that fans of Akira Toriyama’s iconic franchise are frequently targeted for this issue, there have been numerous instances of individuals neglecting to pay proper attention to online information, resulting in numerous misunderstandings.

Reactions Online

As previously stated, it is undeniable that the Dragon Ball fandom has experienced moments where they have struggled to comprehend certain aspects of their beloved series or have overlooked important details in the story.

Although it is not intended to offend anyone, this is a topic that has been a struggle for this fandom for a considerable amount of time. A prime illustration is the ongoing debate surrounding Gohan’s characterization within fan communities. It seems that people have differing reasons for liking him, which has caused much discussion and disagreement.

“Bro still asked if is real,”a person wrote on X.

“We on the spectrum chill,”another person said.

“Honest to God, what is it about Dragon Ball fans?,”someone else mentioned.

As previously mentioned, this is all intended to be lighthearted and not a disrespectful gesture towards Dragon Ball fans. It merely serves as an illustration of how a meme manifested itself in reality.

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