New Controversy Surrounding ILLIT’s Agency: Sexualization of NewJeans in Music Video featuring BLACKPINK and IVE

On June 10, Belift Lab, the agency for ILLIT, released a video accusing NewJeans of plagiarism. The video also mentioned various other groups, including GFRIEND, IZ*ONE, Sunmi, VIVIZ, IVE, NMIXX, Oh My Girl, LE SSERAFIM, BLACKPINK, ENHYPEN, Triple S, LABOUM, BTS, DIA, the Mexican group Jeans, and Pristin.

The video highlights Belift Lab’s detailed description of NewJeans, IVE, and BLACKPINK, which immediately captures viewers’ attention.

Belif Lab
Min Hee Jin
newjeans illit

Specifically, the article characterizes BLACKPINK as “untouchable celebrities”and IVE as a group whose members are “resembling dolls and admired like princesses”.

Despite being teenagers, NewJeans have been described as “the objects of romance in the imagination of adults,”which has sparked immediate controversy.

Numerous internet users have deemed the remarks about NewJeans as “sexualizing.”Criticisms of these expressions have been circulating on various online platforms, including international ones like X (formerly known as Twitter) and Korean forums like “theqoo.”

The following are comments from internet users:

  • What exactly are adults trying to convey when they speak of romantic objects in their imagination?
  • What kind of entertainment company makes these sorts of comments about other artists?
  • Are these comments not excessively rude?
  • Ugh, they are already terrible enough and now they are making disgusting comments about other groups too
  • There’s something seriously wrong with the people who wrote these descriptions
  • Why are they sexualizing girls as young as NewJeans like this…

The complete video can be viewed below:

Theqoo is the source of the information reported on

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