New Details Emerge About Logan Paul vs Bradley Martyn Fight

During an interview, UFC Bantamweight Champion ‘Suga’ Sean O’Malley shared new information about Logan Paul’s previously undisclosed fight with Bradley Martyn.

Logan Paul and Bradley Martyn, both YouTubers, resolved their dispute through a private MMA match at Zoo Culture gym, with no cameras present.

The highly anticipated fight, which occurred in a private setting, may never be revealed to the public. According to Mike Majlak, all CCTV cameras were unplugged by Brad, making it impossible to have any footage of the event.

According to reports, Logan was able to “humble”Martyn during their match, although there is no concrete evidence. However, UFC fighter Sean O’Malley revealed some information about the fight on his podcast, The TimboSugarShow, based on his own knowledge and experience.

“According to O’Malley, based on their energies at the time, it was clear that Logan had won. After speaking with Mike, I don’t want to reveal too much, but I can say it was probably a bit faster.”

The segment starts at 2:50.

Sean also admitted to messaging Brad to ensure there were no injuries and stated that Martyn had mentioned feeling “exhausted”and “tuckered out”after the altercation.

“He added that he heard it lasted approximately 60 seconds, though he wasn’t sure if that statement was accurate.”

Despite the fight reportedly ending quickly, Sean and the crew still commended both fighters, acknowledging that although Martyn may have had a size advantage, Logan was clearly the favored contender due to his experience in fighting.

Logan Paul’s boxing fans are still in the dark about his official return to the ring. Despite being the current WWE United States champion, ‘The Maverick’ had previously issued a challenge to his brother Jake for a boxing match after his Mike Tyson fight was postponed. However, there have been no updates on this potential match.

To date, Paul’s sole official triumph remains controversial after securing a win over rival Dillon Danis through disqualification at the 2023 Prime Card event.

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