NewJeans is pitiful: ‘Super Shy’ MV director mentions HYBE vs Min Hee-jin

On May 18th, Director Shin shared on his Instagram account, questioning whether it could be considered humorous. He expressed disappointment in the decision made by the top entertainment company in our country, stating that it was simply one person criticizing another. He had hoped for the article to end on a more comedic note.

He expressed, “The attacks were neither humorous nor comprehensible. I am unsure of the purpose behind such constant gossip. Who were they trying to separate from with such excessive talk? If a group that only debuted a year ago is given a year and a half long break, some members may be remembered while others may be forgotten.”


Director Shin pondered, “Who do they wish to be remembered during that time? Amidst the chaotic past, I silently observed, fearing for CEO Min Hee-jin’s well-being as the battle was beyond my comprehension as an outsider. However, the article published today is utterly confusing and absurd.”

With a heavy and frustrated heart, I write this as someone who understands CEO Min Hee-jin’s perspective on the kids better than anyone else. My only sentiment towards the kids is one of sorrow.

The Seoul Central District Court conducted a hearing on May 17th regarding Min Hee-jin’s request for an injunction to restrict HYBE, the parent company, from exercising voting rights. Representatives from the law firms Sejong (representing ADOR) and Kim & Chang (representing HYBE) were present, but Min Hee-jin did not attend.


During the hearing, HYBE argued that Min Hee-jin’s interest was not in NewJeans itself, but rather in the money the group had earned. Despite claiming to view NewJeans as a mother figure, she had made derogatory comments such as “It’s challenging to manage NewJeans,””It’s not easy to treat NewJeans as artists,”and “Their success is due to my efforts.”

On the other hand, ADOR claimed that NewJeans wishes to remain with Min Hee-jin and that HYBE has proposed a lengthy vacation for them after April 16th. This has naturally caused fear among the members and their legal representatives. Removing Min Hee-jin would not only harm her, but also have irreparable consequences for NewJeans and ADOR.

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