NewJeans & Murakami Collab Character Sparks Controversy For Being Used As Album Cover

A user on theqoo platform posted multiple pictures, detailing the reasons why many find NewJeans’ decision to feature the flower character in their joint project with Murakami for the Japanese version of “Supernatural”to be contentious.

Based on the details depicted in the image, Murakami was the originator of the iconic smiling flower, commonly referred to as the ‘Happy Flower’ or ‘Murakami Flower’ in English-speaking nations and known as the ‘Rainbow Flower’ or ‘Smiling Flower’ in Korea. This creation was inspired by the tragic atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, serving as a powerful symbol to highlight the hidden despair and fear that often lies beneath people’s smiling façades.

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superflat flower

This flower symbolizes the enduring impact of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on modern Japanese society. Despite their outward smiles, the Japanese people still carry the memories of the trauma caused by these events. The artist has created multiple works referencing this significant moment in Japan’s history, demonstrating a consistent theme in their artistic expression.

As a reply, additional netizens posted their comments:

I was unaware of the significance behind the smiling flower.

Some additional groups also expressed remorse for wearing T-shirts featuring bomb images. It is only fair that NewJeans and Min Hee-jin also issue apologies.

“I hate Japan because of the need to meticulously check everything I do while I am there.”

If a different group had been involved, the collaboration would have faced much scrutiny.

– Wasn’t this planned by Min Hee-jin? Regardless of who planned it, shouldn’t they have done more thorough research? I have no comment.

Have there been any recent positive articles about NewJeans?

– Oh… I was not aware of this. I hope Korean groups will be more thorough in verifying information during their promotions in Japan. That is quite disappointing.

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