NewJeans, the “Young and Rich” Girl Group Following BLACKPINK’s Example of Donating Festival Fees in Full

On July 7th, during KBS 2TV’s episode of “Boss in the Mirror,” NewJeans made a surprise appearance. The camera caught them exchanging greetings with their senior, Park Myung-soo, who was also a guest singer at the university festival.

Park Myung-soo revealed his strong attachment to NewJeans, stating, “They are like my own children. In fact, they are around the same age as my daughter, with Hyein (16) being the same age as her. I am constantly concerned for their well-being as they are all so lovely. To them, I am like a father figure.”

newjeans park myung soo

After asking NewJeans, “You’ll be sticking around to see my performance, won’t you?”they responded, “We actually have another festival to go to,”indicating that they had two events scheduled for the same day.

Despite his envy, Park Myung-soo remarked, “I only have one event.”However, NewJeans quickly retorted, “We are often invited to multiple events in one day, demonstrating our great popularity.”

After being asked by Park Myung-soo, “When do you receive your payment?”MC Jun Hyun-moo playfully responded, “Perhaps you should ask Min Hee-jin (CEO of ADOR, NewJeans’ agency).”

NewJeans caused a stir when they announced, “We will be donating all of the profits made from this university festival.”ADOR had previously announced on June 3rd that NewJeans had performed at seven university festivals in just one week, and had received an overwhelming amount of love and support. In return, NewJeans wanted to give back to students in need and expressed their gratitude for the opportunities they had been given. The group revealed that all proceeds from the festivals would be donated to the Korea Student Aid Foundation, which will be used to assist low-income college students with their living and housing expenses.


As a way of creating a welcoming atmosphere, NewJeans gifted Park Myung-soo a signed CD along with a handwritten letter. In response, Park Myung-soo offered words of encouragement, saying, “Wishing you good health and success for today.”

On April 25th, the Financial Supervisory Service’s Data Analysis, Retrieval and Transfer System reported that ADOR’s sales for 2023 had reached 110.3 billion won, marking a significant fivefold increase from the previous year’s sales of 19 billion won, as per their records.

Therefore, the approximate total earnings for each of the NewJeans members Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein last year was estimated to be 5.2 billion won.

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