Nezuko’s Role in Demon Slayer and Scientific Explanations

At this pivotal moment in the Demon Slayer series, the demon hunters have launched a full-scale assault on Kibutsuji Muzan and his followers. In the midst of the Hashira Training arc, there was a noticeable decrease in demonic activity. One of the demon hunters even referred to it as the quiet before the storm.

After going into hiding, Muzan and his demons continued their preparations as the Demon King was determined to capture Nezuko Kamado. This was because it was revealed in the Swordsmith Village arc that she had gained the ability to conquer the sun.

Nevertheless, there are fans who argue that Nezuko Kamado would have been unable to assist Muzan in accomplishing his objectives. A Reddit discussion put forth a comparable theory and utilized scientific evidence to back up their assertion.

This article includes minor spoilers from the chapters of the manga.

Fan Theory: Muzan Would Not Have Conquered the Sun Even if He Found Nezuko in Demon Slayer

Screengrab of the discussion uploaded on Reddit thread r/KimetsuNoYaiba (Screengrab via Reddit)
Screengrab of the discussion uploaded on Reddit thread r/KimetsuNoYaiba (Screengrab via Reddit)

As previously mentioned, the Demon King’s ultimate aim was to locate Nezuko in order to attain true immortality. Due to the incompleteness of his medication, Muzan experienced a peculiar consequence. He was compelled to consume human beings for sustenance and was vulnerable to sunlight, which proved fatal to him.

Both of them are technically considered demons, but their methods of operation differ greatly, and various factors could influence this.

Although Nezuko was a demon, she never resorted to consuming human flesh. Instead, she managed to survive by taking unusually long naps, which was initially strange. This was due to her ability to maintain a human part of herself, which ultimately allowed her to overcome the sun and eventually return to her original form.

It is also worth noting that her mother would frequently make tea infused with Blue Spider Lily, which happened to be the crucial element that Muzan required to overcome the sun. This plant only blossoms once or twice a year during the day, when it can fully bask in the sun’s rays.

Additionally, Nezuko’s uniqueness can be attributed to the Kamado family’s strong ties to Sun Breathing users. This familial connection was also the reason why Muzan ruthlessly slaughtered the entire family in the Demon Slayer series.

The incomplete medication administered to Muzan resulted in a chain reaction. The initial consequence was his dependence on consuming human flesh for sustenance. This could potentially have reversed the regenerative abilities of the Blue Spider Lily, which appears to have a strong relationship with sunlight as it only blooms during the daytime when sunlight is at its peak.

Nezuko Kamado’s affinity for the sun and her habit of drinking tea infused with Blue Spider Lily may have contributed to her acquiring certain plant-like traits. This could potentially explain the appearance of vine-like markings during her transformation in the Entertainment District arc.

As energy cannot be created and can only be absorbed or expelled, she may have received small amounts of energy from the sun. However, this seems impossible as she was unable to expose herself to sunlight. Nonetheless, the moon reflects approximately 3-12 percent of sunlight’s incident rays, so it is possible that she obtained small amounts of energy from the sun through this reflection.

Eventually, Tamayo’s hard work paid off as she was able to conquer the sun in the Demon Slayer series. Her close relationship with the sun also played a crucial role, as she crafted medicine specifically for this purpose.

Despite consuming Nezuko, Muzan would not have gained her ability to conquer the sun because their abilities functioned in vastly different ways. Additionally, the Demon King’s dependence on human flesh could have posed a major obstacle.

It should be emphasized that this is a theory proposed by the fan community, and readers should await confirmation from official sources.

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