NICKMERCS Returns to Twitch and Addresses Ban for Using Transphobic Slur

NICKMERCS has recently addressed his ban on Twitch for using a transphobic slur, expressing his confusion upon his return to the platform more than a week later.

On June 28, NICKMERCS was banned from Twitch for the first time after using a term he later acknowledged as being derogatory towards transgender individuals. He stated that he was unaware of the term’s derogatory connotations.

Despite being banned, he did not try to argue or claim that the ban was unjustified. Instead, he simply stated that in the future, he would refer to his condition as a mental health disorder.

Despite typically lasting for 30 days, Nick’s hateful conduct ban on Twitch ended early, and he returned to the platform on July 8. He took the opportunity to address his suspension and the situation that led to it.

“During his return stream, he exclaimed, “I was not aware, man. They were saying it’s comparable to the N word. I had no idea. Why would I? Let’s be real here…I was temporarily banned for a week. Honestly, it worked out well because I had plans to go to Vegas.”

When viewers in Nick’s livestream commented that “comparing to the N word is unacceptable,”the streamer clarified: “I want to make it clear that I am simply relaying what others have said to me. I personally do not understand it either, but I am repeating how the situation unfolded.”

It is uncertain who specifically provided Nick with this explanation, whether it was directly from Twitch or from the larger community drawing the comparison.

The streamer clarified that he was not aware of the term being derogatory, but it can be assumed that he will not be using it on stream in the near future.

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