Nicolas Cage’s evil new horror movie scores 100% on Rotten Tomatoes

Nicolas Cage’s latest film, Longlegs, is shaping up to be one of the most thrilling horror movies of the decade, as evidenced by its impressive Rotten Tomatoes score.

Despite the fact that audiences must patiently wait until July 12 to see the highly anticipated 2024 horror film “Longlegs,”it has already received the highest recognition on the review platform, earning a perfect score of 100% on the Tomatometer at the time of this writing.

Longlegs has already solidified its place as one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year. The successful marketing campaign, featuring cryptic trailers and eerie phone numbers, has generated significant buzz. In fact, there are already reports of audiences being moved to tears while watching the film in theaters.

Longlegs, directed by Osgood Perkins and featuring Maika Monroe and Nicolas Cage, follows FBI Agent Lee Harker as she investigates a series of unsolved murders committed by a serial killer. Taking inspiration from Silence of the Lambs, this film weaves a thrilling tale of suspense and mystery.

According to Katie Rife of IGN movies, Longlegs has moments that may feel familiar, but with an added sinister twist. This can be seen as both a weakness and a strength, as the director, Oz Perkins, uses elements of horror and surrealism to make the known seem unfamiliar and the unfamiliar seem known.

On Friday, July 12, Longlegs will be released in theaters. To learn how to obtain early access for Longlegs, refer to our guide.

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