Obtaining a Free Fantasia in Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail

To celebrate the release of the latest expansion Dawntrail, Final Fantasy XIV is offering all players a complimentary bottle of Fantasia. This will enable them to freely alter their character’s race and appearance. Follow these steps to claim your reward.

The highly anticipated Dawntrail expansion has been launched for Square Enix’s popular MMO, Final Fantasy XIV. This latest addition includes six new zones, two additional classes, an exciting new storyline, and various other features. Additionally, the update has also enhanced the game’s graphics, elevating the visual experience of the decade-old MMO to modern standards.

To commemorate the release of the new graphical update, developers are offering players a complimentary bottle of Fantasia. Want to claim one for yourself? Here’s how.

Fantasia: Explained in Final Fantasy XIV

Fantasia is a type of product that enables the user to alter their character, including aspects such as race, gender, height, and other features, giving them the ability to completely change into a different person.

Typically, this item can only be acquired through the online store Mog Station. However, the developers are currently offering a complimentary one through Dawntrail.

How to obtain a free Fantasia in Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail

To obtain the Fantasia, one must finish the quest Bottled Fantasy. This task can be initiated by approaching the Medicine Merchant found at Ul’Dah Steps of Thal, with coordinates X:13.4 Y:9.2.

FFXIV Fantasia Quest
Square Enix

Players can pick up the quest by speaking to the medicine merchant in Ul’Dah.

Completing the quest is a straightforward task as it only involves speaking to a few NPCs who will provide information about Fantasia. Once the quest is finished, you will receive a vial of Fantasia as a reward.

It is important to mention that obtaining this quest requires completing The Scions of the Seventh Dawn quest from A Realm Reborn. This quest becomes available at level 17 and should not pose a challenge for most players, unless they are new.

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