Obtaining the Popular Comet Skin in Fortnite’s Item Shop

The set, which consisted of the Comet outfit, Comet’s Glow wrap, Rip Wrecker pickaxe, and Traveler-Class Tekpak back bling, quickly became a beloved cosmetic despite its short availability.

The outfit has now made a limited-time comeback, so players must act quickly to secure it in their in-game Lockers.

To obtain the rare cosmetic item, follow these steps.

Unlocking Fortnite’s Rare Comet Skin

To locate it, players can access the Royale Originals section of the shop and choose the Signature Style option from the drop-down menu.

The Comet skin will not only work in Battle Royale, but also in the Fortnite Festival, LEGO Fortnite, and Rocket Racing modes.

fortnite comet skin
Epic Games

It is important to mention that the Comet content is currently only available as a skin. The bundle, which includes the associated back bling, pickaxe, and wrap, has not yet reappeared in the in-game store.

Despite its repeated exits and returns, it is likely that Comet will return again before Chapter 5 concludes.

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