ONE PACT Returns With Their 1st Single, [PARADOXX]

ONE PACT makes their comeback with their latest single, [PARADOXX]. This marks their first release since their initial mini-album, Moment (November 2023), which was preceded by their formation as a group on Mnet‘s BOYS PLANET.

Through [PARADOXX], ONE PACT endeavors to leave a lasting impact on audiences by conveying authentic narratives through every song.

(Photo : ARMADA Ent)

“Hi, this is SEONGMIN of ONE PACT, and we’re making our first comeback as the second album [PARADOXX]!

Since debuting with members from, we have had happy days, especially after meeting our fans. While we were preparing for this comeback, we had a lot of thoughts and work to do in order to show a more impactful comeback.

We’d like to show a cool version of ONE PACT, as if we’re presenting a gift to fans who have been waiting for our comeback. I hope you look forward to the improved version of ONE PACT and SEONGMIN, and please send lots of love to the title track, “FXX OFF!”


The album [PARADOXX] features three new songs that were collaboratively produced by all members. Furthermore, TAG contributed to the composition and writing of lyrics for each of the tracks.

“PERIOD.”was released ahead of schedule on May 31st, along with a music video that JONGWOO had a hand in directing.

The song “FXX OFF”serves as the title track and carries a powerful message that ONE PACT aims to convey to their fans, known as the “HEART.”

Lastly, the word “DEJAVU” conveys the idea that uncertainties can result in lingering pain that intensifies over time.

“Hello, this is TAG of ONE PACT. After a long hiatus since our debut, the album [PARADOXX], which we diligently prepared for, has been released.

With a thankful opportunity, I produced all the songs on this album, and I would say that this album is filled with challenges as we took various trials.

I hope the messages in the album are carried well since we worked very hard on it, and I want our fans and the public to show positive reactions to this album.

I look forward to the promotion where we can improve even a step further! Please send us a lot of love and support!”

– TAG,ONE PACT member

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