One Piece All But Kills One Of Egghead Arc’s Most Popular Theories In Chapter 1116, And Nobody Noticed

Despite the numerous fan theories, One Piece fans were eagerly anticipating the return of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet at Egghead, as it is a well-known fact among manga readers that the crew is currently trapped on the island and facing various obstacles that prevent their escape.

Unfortunately, the individuals who came to assist were not part of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. According to the latest One Piece chapter 1116, it appears unlikely that they will appear in this arc.

Note: This article contains spoilers.

A Potential Ally of the Straw Hats Unlikely to Appear in One Piece Soon

Key members of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet as seen in One Piece anime (Image via Toei Animation)
Key members of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet as seen in One Piece anime (Image via Toei Animation)

The Dressrosa Arc saw the formation of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, which consists of seven pirate crews: the Beautiful Pirates led by Cavendish, Barto Club led by Bartolomeo, Happo Navy led by Sai, Ideo Pirates led by Ideo, Tontatta Pirates led by Leo, New Giant Warrior Pirates led by Hajrudin, and Yonta Maria Grand Fleet led by Orlumbus. With a combined membership of over 5000 individuals from various tribes and races, this alliance is a force to be reckoned with.

Despite Luffy’s initial hesitation, the Straw Hat Pirates aided in their escape from Dressrosa. They even performed a sakazuki ceremony, pledging to always be there for Luffy without any expectations in return. With the establishment of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, the crews eventually parted ways.

The speculation surrounding the arrival of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet to assist Luffy and his crew in escaping the grasp of the Five Elders at Egghead has been a subject of much discussion among fans, particularly during the manga’s teasing of Dorry and Brogy’s potential involvement.

Despite the giants’ lack of assistance against the Elders, the possibility of the fleet’s arrival was still being considered. However, this theory has now been called into question as King Elizabello, a crucial member of the alliance and ruler of Prodence Kingdom, was recently spotted at home instead of en route to Egghead as seen in One Piece chapter 1116. His surprise at the news of Lulusia Kingdom’s disappearance adds to the uncertainty of the fleet’s potential arrival.

Luffy addressing the alliance in the anime (Image via Toei)
Luffy addressing the alliance in the anime (Image via Toei)

While the Straw Hat Grand Fleet could potentially provide additional support in the Egghead arc, their appearance is not immediately necessary for the plot. The Straw Hats already have the backing of Vegapunk Satellites, Sentomaru, Stussy, Kuma, and the Elbaf Giants, giving them enough allies to plan their escape. However, involving the Grand Fleet could also put them at risk, as they are not as powerful as the Five Elders.

In addition, Bartolomeo had assured that the Straw Hat Grand Fleet would do their best to reach the level of the Straw Hats before their reunion. Taking these factors into consideration, it seems unlikely that the Straw Hat Grand Fleet will appear at Egghead.

Despite this, there are countless possibilities for their eventual reunion, potentially occurring right before Luffy uncovers the whereabouts of Laugh Tale, or uncovers the fabled One Piece treasure, or even just before the ultimate battle against the World Government commences.

Despite there being plenty of time and numerous events yet to come, Oda’s unpredictable nature may result in surprising twists for his readers.

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