One Piece chapter 1117: Major spoilers to expect

With the end of the series’ break week, fans are eagerly anticipating the release of One Piece chapter 1117, the next installment in author and illustrator Eiichiro Oda’s record-breaking manga series. This chapter is highly anticipated as it signals the start of the conclusion of the Egghead Island arc, following the latest developments.

Similarly, fans are eagerly searching the internet for any confirmed spoilers for One Piece chapter 1117. Regrettably, at the time of writing this article, there are no reliable spoilers available for the next chapter in the series. Furthermore, there is a possibility that these spoilers may not be released due to recent crackdowns on manga piracy in Japan.

Despite this, there are certain elements and occurrences in One Piece chapter 1117 that fans can expect to see even without relying on confirmed spoilers. Interestingly, the chapter will likely revolve around the Straw Hats as they make their escape from Egghead and the Gorosei are preoccupied with the Iron Giant.

One Piece chapter 1117: The Gorosei’s Decision on the Straw Hats and Vegapunk’s Message

The upcoming One Piece chapter 1117 is expected to begin with the Gorosei discussing the importance of Dr. Vegapunk’s message. They agree to make it their top priority and halt their pursuit of the Straw Hats. Instead, they will direct their efforts towards taking down the Iron Giant in order to destroy the Transmission Transponder Snail responsible for broadcasting Dr. Vegapunk’s message.

Next, attention should be directed towards the Straw Hats, as certain members may be determined to carry on the battle, but others will persuade them to let it go. Similarly, all teams should start gathering for their escape plan, starting with Nami’s group. As Zoro and Jinbe join them, they will assist in launching the Thousand Sunny from the Labo-Phase, leaping aboard as it descends from the sky and plunges into the ocean.

At this moment, in One Piece chapter 1117, Dorry, Brogy, and Luffy are expected to reach the Giant Warrior Pirates’ ship. They will most likely eliminate any remaining Marine presence in the area before boarding the ship and setting sail. Meanwhile, Nami’s group on the Thousand Sunny will use the Coup de Burst to quickly escape the area, leaving Luffy and his crew to deal with the Marine ships surrounding Egghead.

The focus of the chapter should then shift back to the Gorosei battling the Iron Giant, while Dr. Vegapunk’s broadcast can still be heard in the background. It is expected that he will continue to talk about the Roger Pirates and their inaction, ultimately speculating on the reason behind it. The broadcast is likely to end soon after, leaving the Gorosei and the rest of the world perplexed.

Additionally, in One Piece chapter 1117, we can expect to see Dr. Vegapunk delivering a second postscript-style message, in which he will reveal his discovery of the reason behind the lack of action from the Roger Pirates. He is likely to mention that the message was not intended for them and that they were ahead of their time in terms of inheriting Joy Boy’s will and fulfilling his desires.

The Gorosei will most likely panic and realize the significance of what the person is about to reveal. In a desperate attempt, they will try to defeat the Iron Giant to prevent the revelation, but their efforts will be in vain. As the focus shifts back to Luffy, the issue will conclude with Dr. Vegapunk announcing that Luffy, the chosen inheritor of Joy Boy’s will, is the reincarnation of the Sun God Nika.

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