One Piece episode 1105 review: Vegapunks stop the Seraphim, while Weevil’s heroism and Elder’s next destination are revealed

On Sunday, May 19, 2024, fans were treated to the release of One Piece episode 1105, titled A Beautiful Act of Treason! This episode highlights the significance of Dr. Vegapunk, despite his limited appearance. It effectively showcases his impact and significance in the world of One Piece.

In the previous episode, viewers saw Lucci and Luffy lose consciousness for the second time, this time along with Kaku. This demonstrated that the CP0 were not able to match up to the current strength of the Straw Hats.

The Straw Hats are now faced with an even bigger challenge. Kizaru’s arrival at Egghead has been foreshadowed for some time, but according to One Piece episode 1105, he may be the least of their worries.

Please be advised that this article contains spoilers.

One Piece episode 1105: Straw Hats and Vegapunks Take Control in Egghead

Episode Highlights

Stussy as seen in One Piece episode 1105 (Image via Toei Animation)
Stussy as seen in One Piece episode 1105 (Image via Toei Animation)

At the beginning of One Piece episode 1105, Zoro and Brook are confused by the fact that a CP0 agent would attack her own comrades. Despite their questioning, Stussy evades giving a direct response and assures them that they are not in any danger. She proceeds to inform Shaka of the incident through a Den Den Mushi.

Shaka discloses to the Straw Hats that Stussy has been secretly operating for over twenty years, despite this not being the initial intention.

In episode 1105 of One Piece, despite the Seraphim’s ongoing rampage, Stussy informs Shaka that she lacks the power to halt their actions. However, Lilith and Edison, who hold greater authority than the CP0, soon arrive at the location.

Despite Lilith’s sluggishness, S-Hawk is still able to attack her. Zoro quickly steps in and deflects the attack, noting that the Seraphim resembles more of a human than Mihawk. Edison attempts to give orders but is unable to act fast enough, ultimately needing Sanji’s help to be rescued. Following this event, the Seraphim halt their attack.

S-Hawk as seen in One Piece episode 1105 (Image via Toei Animation)
S-Hawk as seen in One Piece episode 1105 (Image via Toei Animation)

Meanwhile, Stussy secures Lucci and Kaku with Sea Prism Stone handcuffs in order to prevent them from using their abilities once they wake up. Shaka informs her that their main goal is to flee the island on the Straw Hats’ vessel, and that she will be joining them on their journey.

Meanwhile, Luffy and Chopper continue their search for Vegapunk and Bonney within the laboratory.

One Piece episode 1105 then transitions to Sphinx, New World, the birthplace of Whitebeard and Marco. Marco discovers that the Navy had been searching for Whitebeard’s hidden treasure.

Despite not being under the jurisdiction of the World Government, the island did not receive any leniency from the Navy. Nevertheless, Weevil appeared and successfully forced the Navy to withdraw.

Weevil as seen in One Piece episode 1105 (Image via Toei Animation)
Weevil as seen in One Piece episode 1105 (Image via Toei Animation)

However, the arrival of Admiral Ryokugyu resulted in Weevil’s capture. As a result, Miss Buckingham Stussy turned to Marco for assistance. Worried that Marco might not be understanding, she additionally mentions that Vegapunk could verify Weevil’s identity as Whitebeard’s son.

The episode concludes with the reveal that St Jaygarcia Saturn of the Five Elders is aboard Kizaru’s ship, en route to Egghead. He confesses to having previously met Vegapunk and expresses disappointment in the scientist’s decision to betray the World Government.

Review of One Piece episode 1105

Vegapunk as seen in One Piece (Image via Toei)
Vegapunk as seen in One Piece (Image via Toei)

After the excitement of the previous episode, in which Stussy betrayed both Kaku and Lucci and emerged victorious, One Piece episode 1105 delves deeper into the various storylines that will eventually lead to Vegapunk.

The most exciting moment of the episode occurs during the final reveal: it is revealed that one of the Five Elders is headed to Egghead. The anticipated clash between the Straw Hats and the highest ranking members of the World Government came as a surprise in such a short amount of time.

One Piece Episode 1104 Recap

Kuma as seen in One Piece anime (Image via Toei Animation)
Kuma as seen in One Piece anime (Image via Toei Animation)

In the last installment of One Piece, a flashback showed that Vegapunk had requested Kuma to test the potential of his Devil Fruit ability to conjure up mental images and memories. However, Kuma did not seem to trust Vegapunk and did not agree to the proposal.

It was recently discovered that Kuma had given his consent to Vegapunk and together they created a paw-shaped bubble to store his memories, which was later found by Bonney.

At the Labophase, Kaku utilized his Awakened Devil Fruit form to engage in combat against Zoro while Lucci commanded the Seraphim to launch an attack on Vegapunk’s lab. Unexpectedly, Stussy betrayed them, resulting in their defeat. It was then revealed that she is the first successful clone of MADS, created in the likeness of Miss Buckingham Stussy.

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