One Piece fans praise Eiichiro Oda for major changes in volume 109

Eiichiro Oda delighted fans with a stunning cover for One Piece volume 109, showcasing significant changes that have been well-received.

The manga is currently in its Egghead Arc of the Final Saga. Although the Elbaf Arc is a few months away, the crew is making progress towards escaping the island. While the Gorosei remain formidable opponents, the crew is approaching their new destination.

The release date for One Piece volume 109 in Japan is set for July 4, 2024. This highly anticipated volume will delve into Kuma’s backstory, which is known to be one of the most emotional in the series. It will encompass Chapters 1101 to 1110 and, despite the expected heartache, the mangaka has chosen to feature a happy cover.

Several popular One Piece accounts have recently shared an intriguing time-lapse video featuring Eiichiro Oda creating the cover for the manga. The initial design featured a giant Saturn image with Kuma running away from it, and Oda had planned to include Kuma’s sad expression as well. However, he ultimately decided to make a change to the design.

Fans are delighted to see Kuma’s smile on the recently updated cover. One individual expressed, “The frown was actually one of the initial elements he included in the drawing; the smile quickly followed after Bonnie was incorporated.”

“He deserves it. We have witnessed too much pain from Kuma, it’s time to see him with a smile,”another person adds.

One additional person commented, “I appreciate how the original cover conveyed Kuma’s struggle and strength, but Oda’s decision to change it to reflect Kuma’s joy and positive impact is even more powerful.”

“And another member added, “I agree with this one. It seems more logical to have a complete Gorosei cover for the next volume.”

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