One Piece teased Kizaru’s fate, but no one noticed

The upcoming volume cover of One Piece features a subtle hint at Kizaru’s future in the Egghead Arc, which you may have overlooked.

Throughout its 27-year run, One Piece has gained a reputation for its clever foreshadowing. Fans have been consistently amazed by the subtle hints scattered throughout the manga. Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the manga, is renowned for his ability to hide the fates of his characters in small and often unnoticed details.

Within the pages of One Piece Volume 109, slated for release on July 4th, readers can find a hint on its cover. Titled ‘On Your Side’, the volume comprises of 10 chapters, spanning Chapters 1101 to 1110. These chapters delve into Kuma’s flashback and culminate with the Gorosei convening on Egghead Island.

The main focus of this volume is the heartwarming bond shared between Kuma and his adopted daughter Bonney, which is also reflected on the cover. The stunning illustration features young Bonney embracing her father while Egghead Island and Gear 5 Luffy can be seen in the background.

The cover also features a larger group of individuals. Dr. Vegapunk and Sentomaru can be seen dancing cheerfully, resembling the Sun God Nika, while Stussy watches with delight. Additionally, Kizaru is shown dancing with those he had previously tried to kill during the Egghead Arc.

It is perplexing to see Kizaru on the cover alongside Luffy’s allies, as he appears to be in a cheerful mood. This is reminiscent of Kizaru’s previous demeanor upon meeting Vegapunk and Sentomaru, leading to speculation that he may switch sides before the end of the arc.

Fans have been speculating about the possibility of Kizaru betraying the World Government. His emotional history with the scientist suggests that his allegiance to his former comrade may prevail in the end.

However, there is another possibility that is just as believable. As seen on the One Piece volume cover, Sentomaru is depicted dancing and facing left, while Vegapunk and Kizaru are facing right. It is worth mentioning that Vegapunk has passed away, while Sentomaru remains alive.

Therefore, if Kizaru continues to face the same direction, it could possibly foreshadow his demise by the conclusion of this arc as well. Oda is known for incorporating subtle hints like this, so it is not surprising.

As noted by one fan on X/Twitter (, there are similar theories circulating about the connection between Kizaru and Vegapunk’s actions. Some believe that Kizaru’s continued alignment with Vegapunk could foreshadow his eventual demise.

A Reddit user remarked, “Why is Kizaru doing the Nika dance??? Does this mean Kizaru will betray the Marines?”Another user added, “Kizaru dancing the Nika dance is definitely significant. It could foreshadow a betrayal or an unexpected decision to let the Straw Hats go.”

It remains to be seen if Kizaru will indeed betray the Gorosei in order to facilitate the escape of the Straw Hat Pirates. However, the One Piece Volume 109 cover has certainly sparked speculation and prompted various theories about the Admiral’s ultimate fate.

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