One Piece: What does Bonney’s new transformation mean?

The spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1118 reveal that Bonney has undergone a new transformation. However, the reasons behind her ability to do so and the implications for her character remain unclear.

Despite being introduced early on in One Piece, Bonney’s role becomes particularly significant during the Final Saga. As a member of the notorious worst generation, she is undeniably one of the strongest characters in the series. The Straw Hats encounter her after departing from Wano and they continue their journey together towards Egghead Island.

Upon arriving at the island, they discover that Bonney is actually Kuma’s daughter. The arc delves into Kuma’s past and reveals how he took in Bonney as his own and sacrificed everything for her. Being a member of the Buccaneer race, Kuma also imparted his knowledge of the Sun God Nika onto her.

Despite possessing the powers of the Age-Age Fruit, Bonney is able to manipulate her own age and that of others. In the highly anticipated One Piece Chapter 1118, she transforms into a form that was thought to be exclusive to only one individual. (Note: This article includes spoilers for the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1118!)

What was the reason for Bonney assuming Nika’s form in One Piece?

After receiving encouragement from Luffy, Bonney transforms into Nika.

One Piece Bonney and Nika
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Despite not belonging to the Buccaneer bloodline, Bonney possesses an ability known as “Distorted Future”which allows her to shapeshift into any desired form. In Chapter 1072, she utilizes this power to transform into a Buccaneer.

Once again, in Chapter 1101, she takes on a form similar to Nika’s, having only heard about her from her father and never directly from her. However, upon witnessing Luffy’s Gear 5, she immediately recognizes it as his form and imitates it herself.

It can be interpreted that Bonney’s transformation into Nika represents her long-awaited liberation, which she ultimately achieves through Luffy. The meeting between Luffy, the Warrior of Liberation, Kuma, and Bonney has been a long-awaited desire. The overarching theme of freedom is a central aspect of the One Piece storyline.

Bonney’s ability to transform into Nika represents the long-awaited freedom that people have been seeking for centuries, just like Luffy’s Devil Fruit. This transformation serves as a symbol of her own personal freedom and deepens her bond with Luffy. Despite being afflicted with a debilitating illness since childhood and losing her only family, Bonney has found a sense of liberation in her transformation.

Bonney’s arrival at Egghead was shrouded in mystery, and she was unaware of Kuma’s whereabouts before then. However, her reunion with her father and newfound alliance with the crew helped her break free from the chains of her past and embrace her role as the one destined to liberate the world.

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