One Piece: Will Vegapunk’s message continue in Chapter 1118?

Despite Warcury’s attack on the Iron Giant and the interruption of the broadcast, the question remains: will One Piece Chapter 1118 still deliver Vegapunk’s message?

The revelation of Vegapunk’s message has sent shockwaves through the world of One Piece, as it contains information about the elusive Void Century that was previously unknown. Following his death, a global broadcast is initiated, promising to unveil the truth. The first revelation to be made is Vegapunk’s prediction of the world’s eventual sinking.

As the conversation progresses, he narrates the story of Joyboy and his involvement in the Great War. Joyboy was the initial pirate to rebel against the Allied kingdoms. Following Joyboy’s defeat, the Void Century came to an end, but the world was left in ruins in the aftermath of the war.

Furthermore, Vegapunk has a crucial message for those who possess the hidden identity of “D,”but unfortunately, the message is abruptly interrupted. Will the message be continued in the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1118?

One Piece Chapter 1118: Continuing Vegapunk’s Message

The spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1118 reveal that Vegapunk’s message will carry on.

Despite the Gorosei’s relentless efforts to locate the transponder snail, the broadcast ends up revealing more information than they had intended. After much searching, they are finally able to pinpoint its location. Warcury retaliates by attacking the Iron Giant in an attempt to halt the broadcast, which proves successful. However, the message unexpectedly resumes playing, making it evident that Vegapunk is determined to disclose a specific name.

As the complete summary has not been released yet, the limited spoilers only disclose that Vegapunk’s broadcast is aired for a brief moment, stating, “the/that name is.”It remains uncertain whether the message is interrupted once again or if the chapter concludes immediately after the broadcast.

The title of the previous chapter caused confusion among fans regarding its message. One popular translation of the One Piece Chapter 1117 title, “Mo,”sparked several theories as it related to Vegapunk’s message. However, the official title, “A,”was revealed, putting an end to all the theories and leaving little room for speculation.

Vegapunk’s revelation of another member within the D clan has caused anticipation and excitement. As a result, Eiichiro Oda chose to end the chapter on a cliffhanger. This plot twist is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

We will keep this space updated as soon as additional information about the upcoming chapter becomes available.

You have the option to view the release date and additional spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1118.

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