ONF Tour Organizer Issues Apology for Unfair Treatment of Fans

J&B Entertainment, the organizer of ONF’s upcoming North American tour, has issued a public apology for their decision to offer exclusive benefits to a select group of fans through private KakaoTalk chatrooms. This recent development has caused controversy and the organizers have expressed remorse for any inconvenience caused.

The dispute arose when fans uncovered these unjust actions and called for the organizer to be transparent.

Earlier, supporters of the K-pop band ONF united to demand a clarification from J&B Entertainment for unjustly providing certain privileges to a limited number of fans.

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The benefits offered to fans included access to tickets, private information about ONF members and their schedules, and even clothing worn by the members. This caused an uproar among fans, leading WM Entertainment, the label of ONF, to address J&B Entertainment for further clarification.

Following the criticism, J&B Entertainment’s CEO, Jacky Yoo, released a statement expressing remorse for his actions. He remarked:

“I’m Jacky Yoo, CEO of J&B Entertainment, the organizer of ONF’s North American tour. First, I sincerely apologize to the fans of ONF. While carrying out ticket sales for ONF’s North American tour, I conversed privately with a small number of fans via KakaoTalk, offering them advantageous sales offers and additional benefits. I apologize for worrying fans of ONF, the members of ONF, and WM Entertainment with my foolish attitude and careless speech.”

Yoo made a commitment to stop privately communicating with fans and providing extra perks without the approval of WM Entertainment. He reassured fans that:

“All benefits and amenities offered to a small number of recipients without WM Entertainment’s consent will be cancelled. All ticket holders who wish to receive a refund will receive a 100% refund. Once again, I bow my head in apology to the members of ONF and their fans for the trouble caused.”

After the incident, WM Entertainment has declared that it will no longer collaborate with J&B Entertainment. This decision also entails the cancellation of ONF’s tour dates in Taiwan and Hong Kong, which were originally planned for October.

WM Entertainment announced its plans for the North American tour:

“As for ONF’s North American tour, scheduled to kick off in August, we will take into consideration the pure intentions of the fans who have completed preparations to meet ONF in their city, and review all circumstances thoroughly before making an announcement.”

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