Optimal Controller Settings for Valorant on PS5 & Xbox Series X|S Beta

The Valorant console beta offers players the opportunity to experience the tactical shooter with a controller, a first for the game. Whether you are a console player trying out the game for the first time or a PC player transitioning to a controller, here are the top Valorant controller settings to use.

Despite being exclusive to PC for many years, Valorant has recently become accessible on consoles, though only through a closed beta. As with any tactical shooter, the game heavily relies on precise aim and strategic crosshair placement, along with the use of Agent abilities to keep the gameplay dynamic. To increase your chances of success in matches, it is essential to discover the controller settings that work best for your playstyle.

With that being said, we would like to present our recommendations for the optimal controller configurations in the Valorant console beta.

Valorant console beta: Best controller settings for PS5 and Xbox Series XIS

The optimal controller settings for the Valorant console beta are aligned with the Traditional preset available within the game. The following are all the available settings:

Action PS5 Controller button Xbox controller button
Focus/Sniper Scope (Hold) L2 LT
Fire R2 RT
Ability 1 L1 LB
Ability 2 R1 RB
Ability 3 R3 RS
Ultimate L1+R1 LB+RB
Equip Melee L3 LS
Comm Wheel/Ping D-Pad Up D-Pad Up
Drop Equipped Item D-Pad Left D-Pad Left
Plant/Defuse/Equip Spike D-Pad Down D-Pad Down
Inspect/Open Spray Wheel (Hold) D-Pad Right D-Pad Right
Equip Secondary Triangle AND
Crouch (Toggle) Circle B
Jump X A
Reload/Activate/Use Square X
Valorant console Traditional controller settings
Riot Games

It is convenient to have your abilities assigned to the bumpers as it allows for easy access. Since switching to Melee is crucial for movement, assigning it to the left stick is the best option, as the stick is also used for directional input.

The Traditional preset also provides a great opportunity to experiment with the Valorant console exclusive ‘Focus’ shooting mode. This mode serves as an alternative to traditional hip-firing, enabling controller players to enter an aim mode with lower sensitivity.

Best Settings for Valorant Console Beta

If you are not satisfied with the Traditional preset, you may want to explore these alternative settings available in the Valorant console beta.

Character Class: Fighter

The Fighter preset is designed for Duelists, as its name implies. The bumpers are assigned to the crouch and jump actions, while the triggers are set for Focus and fire. This enables improved maneuverability in gunfights, which is particularly advantageous if you commonly crouch to manage recoil.

Adjusting to the ability settings may require some time, but it will be worth it in the end if your preferred Agents are Reyna and Raze.


The Tactician preset reconfigures the buttons by assigning aim and fire to the bumpers, while placing Ability 2 on the right trigger and crouch on the left trigger. Additional abilities can be accessed through the right-side buttons, making this preset well-suited for Controller or Sentinel players.

Being able to control the flow of each round and identify opportunities for your team is crucial, so having convenient access to Agent abilities is essential. This preset provides just that, while also ensuring that the aim and fire buttons are in a comfortable position.

We suggest utilizing a sensitivity setting of 0.50 for the Valorant console beta. Although it may be slightly higher than the typical figure for PC, it will offer a satisfactory compromise between velocity and consistency.

Our recommendation also considers the Focus aim feature on consoles, as toggling this mode will automatically decrease your sensitivity in order to improve precision.

If this option does not suit your needs, go to the Shooting Range and experiment with your aiming skills. Continuously adjust the sensitivity toggle until you find a setting that feels comfortable for you.

After thorough testing and evaluation, we have determined that the controller settings we recommended for the Valorant console beta are the most effective. As we continue to play the game, we will make any necessary updates to this guide with additional suggestions.

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