Oshi no Ko season 2 episode 2: Abiko Samejima takes charge of Tokyo Blade’s stageplay script as Akane plans a date with Aqua

The second episode of season 2 of Oshi no Ko, titled The Telephone Game, was broadcasted on Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 11:00 pm JST. This episode delves into the alterations suggested by Abiko Samejima, the original creator, for the script of the Tokyo Blade stageplay, exposing the challenges that come with her demands.

Challenges arise as Abiko insists on a complete revamp of the script, causing conflicts between scriptwriter Goa and Abiko. This incident emphasizes the intricacies of transforming a manga into a stage production. Eventually, Abiko takes on the task of rewriting the script, leaving Goa in a tough spot and exemplifying the obstacles that scriptwriters frequently encounter.

As a consequence, rehearsals have been delayed until the completion of the new script. The episode also exposes Aqua’s disinterest in stage productions. With the postponement of rehearsals, they now have some spare time, leading Akane to take on the task of introducing Aqua to the world of theater.

In order to showcase the impressive nature of theatrical productions and alter Aqua’s perception, she arranges a date with him to attend a Stage Around play.

Please note: The following article contains spoilers for the Oshi no Ko anime.

Oshi no Ko Season 2 Episode 2: Abiko’s Demands and the Challenges of Adaptation

Oshi no Ko: Season 2 Episode 2 – Abiko’s Script Demands and Revealing Her Character

The second episode of Oshi no Ko season 2 continues from the previous episode, where Abiko Samejima, the original author of Tokyo Blade, joins the stage play rehearsals. She praises the actors’ performances, but then surprises everyone by requesting a total script overhaul.

The narrative takes a step back in time to the initial staff meeting of the Tokyo Blade stage play. Aqua and Kana Arima arrive as a pair and come across Melt Narushima, the male lead in Sweet Today.

Melt reminds them that it has been nine months since their previous collaboration, and shares that he has been diligently practicing his acting skills during that time. He also humbly requests that they provide feedback on his performance if they feel it is lacking. After exchanging introductions, Akane warmly welcomes Aqua and offers her assistance whenever necessary.

Even from a distance, Kana’s envy is evident as they observe Akane and Aqua’s relationship. They also have a brief conversation with Melt about their previous project, during which Melt expresses his determination to do even better this time.

Abiko in Oshi no Ko season 2 episode 2 (Image by Doga Kobo)
Abiko in Oshi no Ko season 2 episode 2 (Image by Doga Kobo)

In a restaurant, the conversation between Abiko and Yoriko Kichijouji, the author of Sweet Today, turns towards their past working relationship. Yoriko shares her experiences of having her work adapted into different media and Abiko extends an invitation for her to join him in watching the stage play rehearsal for Tokyo Blade.

Yoriko, acknowledging Abiko’s eccentric nature and the difficulties of having one’s work translated into different forms, expresses her agreement and wishes for a successful outcome for the play.

Oshi no Ko Season 2 Episode 2: Challenges of Stageplay Adaptations are Highlighted as Abiko Takes Charge of the Script

In episode 2 of Oshi no Ko season 2, the focus shifts back to the present as Abiko demands a complete script revision. Producer Raida discusses the difficulties of implementing such a major change just 20 days before the play. Abiko confesses that she was never fully satisfied with the script and was promised that she would like it after seeing rehearsals, which she finds disheartening after watching.

Despite Scriptwriter Goa’s apology and offer to make changes to the script according to her wishes, Abiko remains dissatisfied and rejects it. She strongly believes that the deviations from her original work are unacceptable. As tension mounts and she prepares to criticize Goa’s abilities as a creator, Yoriko steps in and pulls Abiko away.

The second episode of Oshi no Ko season 2 delves into the intricacies of adaptations, shining a light on the typical conflicts that arise between the original creators and scriptwriters due to conflicting viewpoints and the varying requirements of different media platforms. It underscores the crucial importance of effective communication in navigating such situations.

Typically, there are several intermediaries involved in the communication between the original author and scriptwriter, which can often result in miscommunication and misunderstandings.

Goa and Abiko in Oshi no Ko season 2 episode 2 (Image by Doga Kobo)
Goa and Abiko in Oshi no Ko season 2 episode 2 (Image by Doga Kobo)

During a meeting with Raida, Abiko and her editor, Yoriko, Goa, and Aqua wait outside as they discuss the situation. Yoriko suggests that Abiko’s dissatisfaction is a result of miscommunication, while Abiko argues that the current scriptwriter is incapable of handling her work and points out several flaws in the script.

Despite Abiko’s insistence on rewriting the script herself and her threat to revoke permission for the play unless her conditions are met, she declines payment for her work. She asks Raida to credit and compensate Goa as originally planned, but makes it clear that Goa must be removed from the project entirely.

Outdoors, Aqua observes that Abiko is acting childish. Yoriko points out that mangakas tend to be particular and introverted, using Abiko as a prime example. Aqua inquires about Goa’s thoughts on the matter, mentioning that he could potentially be taken off the project if the situation persists.

Despite facing numerous challenges, a disheartened Goa reveals the common struggles of scriptwriters. He highlights the limited authority and recognition they receive, often being easily replaceable and subjected to criticism for any deviations from the original work. In addition, credit tends to be given solely to the original creator when things go smoothly. Despite these obstacles, scriptwriters are pressured to inject their own ideas while striving for excellence in their work.

Oshi no Ko: Scriptwriters’ Struggles and a Date with Aqua

In the final moments of Oshi no Ko season 2 episode 2, Raida updates Goa on the current situation. Initially, Goa expresses a desire to have his name removed from the credits out of pride. However, Raida clarifies that the staff has already been announced, causing Goa to feel disappointed.

Raida admits to finding Goa’s script acceptable and expresses regret for the circumstances. Goa reluctantly agrees and departs. Back at home, Goa contemplates his dedication and sacrifices for the project, feeling disappointed despite giving his utmost effort.

Abiko in Oshi no Ko season 2 episode 2 (Image by Doga Kobo)
Abiko in Oshi no Ko season 2 episode 2 (Image by Doga Kobo)

The completion of the new script has led to the postponement of rehearsals, causing Akane and her colleagues to consider the obstacles they may encounter as a result of the delay. Akane mentions her desire for extended rehearsals, highlighting the fact that it is a Stage Around production. Aqua inquires about Stage Around, which surprises Akane due to his lack of interest in stage plays.

While Aqua provides a detailed explanation for why he prefers video content with strong direction, Akane acknowledges the difficulties that stageplays encounter. However, she disregards Aqua’s perspective as being outdated. As their upcoming performance falls into this category, she urges Aqua to expand his understanding of it.

Akane’s plan to take Aqua on a date to watch a Stage Around play is the final scene of the episode. She hopes to introduce him to its immersive qualities, which she believes far surpass those of video content.

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