Overwatch 2: How to Obtain Free Coins in Overwatch

In Overwatch 2, Overwatch coins can be used to buy cosmetics and the premium Battle Pass. However, one may wonder – how can you obtain Overwatch coins for free?

Despite the importance of gameplay in Overwatch 2, cosmetics come in at a close second for players.

Despite being able to obtain certain nostalgic skins with the free Overwatch Credits, the game’s most high-end and restricted skins can only be purchased with the premium currency, Overwatch Coins.

Whether you’re interested in the exclusive crossover collab skins that Overwatch 2 frequently releases or the latest Mythic Skin from the Battle Pass, you will require Overwatch Coins to obtain them.

If you are not interested in spending a large amount of money, but are willing to put in some extra effort for free Overwatch Coins, here is everything you need to know about earning them.

Overwatch coins Overwatch 2
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch coins can be used to purchase cosmetics in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2: How to earn free Overwatch coins

The Microsoft Rewards shop offers a way for you to earn free Overwatch coins.

Previously, one could earn OW Coins by completing weekly challenges. However, since Microsoft acquired Blizzard, its parent company has made some changes, including the methods for obtaining free OW Coins.

To access the Overwatch Digital Code rewards, visit the Microsoft Rewards page and log into your Microsoft account. You can locate the link here.

Microsoft Rewards Overwatch Coins redeem

You can earn Overwatch Coins through Microsoft Rewards

To obtain a specific number of coins, a corresponding number of points must be earned; 200 coins requires 1,800 points, 500 coins requires 5,000 points, and 1000 coins requires 10,000 points.

To accumulate points, tasks must be completed using Bing and puzzles must be completed. Tasks can be found on the rewards homepage.

Furthermore, purchasing the premium Battle Pass will earn you free OW Coins as you complete the pass.

Upon completion, the Battle Pass will provide a player on the Premium track with 600 Coins, leaving them only 400 short of obtaining the next Season’s.

For players who are more competitive, FACEIT offers another opportunity to earn free coins.

On June 6th, the FACEIT shop was updated to include the option to purchase Overwatch Coins and Battle.net gift cards specifically for use with Overwatch Coins.

To purchase 500 Coins, it will cost you 7,200 FACEIT Points, and 1000 Coins will cost 14,400 FACEIT Points.

To acquire FACEIT Points, you can earn them by taking part in Overwatch tournaments on FACEIT. Many of these tournaments are accessible to players of all ranks, and if you do not have a full team of five, there are also various 1v1 or 2v2 tournaments available for participation.

Overwatch 2: How to Buy In-Game Coins

If you would rather purchase a cosmetic or the Battle Pass immediately, you can easily buy coins in bulk through the in-game shop.

To access the Overwatch coin packages for purchase, all you need to do is go to the home screen menus, click on the Shop option, and then click on the icon located in the top right corner. This will bring up a list of all available coin packages for you to browse through.

  • 500 Coins: $4.99
  • 100 Coins: $9.99
  • 2200 Coins: $19.99
  • 5700 Coins: $49.99
  • 11600 Coins: $99.99

Therefore, now you know the method for obtaining Overwatch coins without cost and also the option to buy them from the store for purchasing in-game cosmetics.

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