Overwatch 2 players experience confusion with July 9 patch due to multiple game-breaking bugs

Players of Overwatch 2 have been left perplexed by the recent July 9 update, which introduced numerous game-altering glitches and undisclosed changes to character abilities.

The midseason update of Season 11 is considered one of the more daring patches for Overwatch 2, as it includes a notable buff for every Tank hero. However, this update has faced heavy criticism from players, being labeled as the “worst”update to date.

The contentious balance adjustments have rendered characters such as Mauga and Ramattra nearly invincible, even when facing Tank busters like Bastion with pocketed support, resulting in unfavorable consequences for other roles.

Many players quickly noticed numerous game-breaking changes that were not listed in the update for the patch.

One of the most significant changes that players immediately noticed was with Sombra. Prior to the update, only the player who entered Sombra’s visible range could see her. However, with the new update, the entire team is now able to see Sombra when a teammate enters her range.

This bug greatly diminishes the effectiveness of Sombra’s invisibility, as it allows the entire enemy team to easily track her.

Furthermore, there is another peculiar glitch impacting Sombra. Now, you have the ability to use her EMP while in the process of Translocating. This can be seen as a positive change since previously, one had to wait for the full teleportation to their target before being able to activate their ultimate.

One issue that had been plaguing Ramattra players was a bug that set all his cooldowns to 11 seconds. This posed a significant problem, as it resulted in a shorter cooldown for his shield and a longer duration for his Nemesis Form.

Another potentially unintended buff is the ability for Orisa’s Javelin to deal headshot damage. Despite the only officially announced buff being a slight increase to her Fortify duration, there has been no mention of any adjustments to her Javelin.

A well-placed headshot from a Javelin can significantly weaken a Tracer, leaving them with only one HP. This would require just two body shots or a single headshot to eliminate them completely.

Up to this point, the issue of Ramattra’s cooldowns and Sombra’s invisibility bug has been acknowledged and dealt with, as can be seen in the official Overwatch forums. However, the enhancement of stealth abilities for Sombra and Orisa has yet to be addressed.

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