Palworld players thank devs for change

Palworld players are jumping for joy following a new update to the game that makes accidentally destroying their own base much more difficult to achieve.

Palworld has taken the gaming industry by storm, with the new title breaking records on Steam and quickly becoming the must-have game to start 2024. Despite the controversy surrounding the new game due to its resemblance to Pokémon, Palworld is packed with content so that players can dive into it without delay.

One aspect of the game that has already driven fans crazy is fortifying and building their base. However, many players may now find themselves wanting to move their base of operations after initially choosing a location that is less than perfect.

Setting up a base near resources, rare items and more is an important part of Palworld. After all, traveling the world to scavenge is far from ideal.

PSA: You no longer blast your own base to bits with your weapons now byu/eraudf inPalworld

However, one aspect of setting up a base that players have criticized is the ease with which it is possible to destroy your own facility and point of operations. By mistake, of course. With weapons and opportunities for destruction at your disposal, Palworld offers as much chance for chaos in your base as it does aid and fortification.

In light of this, the Palworld development team recently released an update that makes it more difficult to damage one’s own base, an update that keeps players happy.

In a new thread on Reddit, Palworld players praised the game for changing bases to make them much more difficult to destroy.

The original Redditor posted the news, stating: “You can’t blow your base to smithereens with your weapons now.”

Other Palworld players were quick to comment on the thread and express their joy at this news.

“That’s good, a few weeks too late for my base, but good,” one Redditor began. “The shock of seeing everything collapsing around me was something else, and the despair of having to make a bunch of wooden chests just to store my stuff because all my best chest-making ingredients were on the floor. ”

Another added: “Oh thank God. Every time a raid starts, I rush to catch them before they get too close. It will save so much hassle.”

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