Petition Launched Against Robert Shinn, Judge of Dancing for the Devil Show on Netflix

Shortly after the release of Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult, a petition was initiated against Robert Shinn, which has already amassed thousands of signatures.

The recently released true crime docu-series continues to hold its top position on the Netflix Top 10 chart, exploring the realm of social media dancing and the talent management firm 7M Films.

The Shekinah Church in Los Angeles is managed by Shinn, a pastor who has faced allegations of controlling his TikTok performers and pressuring them into contributing a significant portion of their income to the church.

Prior to the establishment of 7M, it is said that Shinn exhibited traits resembling those of a cult leader through his religious practices, as evidenced by the fact that sisters Melanie and Priscylla Lee became members of the church in 2001.

Despite initially appearing normal, Dancing for the Devil reveals that the pastor eventually gained complete control over their lives. In 2011, Melanie left the situation, while Priscylla remained and later accused Shinn of sexual abuse.

After years of being apart, the sisters finally reunited during the production of the docu-series.

Despite ongoing lawsuits and counter-claims involving Shinn and former members of his church and 7M dancers, it should be noted that these are not criminal charges. However, following the release of Dancing for the Devil, some viewers are urging the involvement of law enforcement.

A petition titled ‘Investigate Robert Shinn for His Crimes’ has been created on and has already gained almost 9,000 signatures out of its target of 10,000.

The petition, initiated by a group known as Stop Culting, is specifically aimed at the Los Angeles Police Department, Tacoma Police Department, and Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

According to reports, Robert, who serves as the pastor of Shekinah Church, has been accused of manipulating women and men through the use of fear of hell in his teachings. Despite claiming to be a pastor and a ‘Man of God’, several women have come forward and accused him of sexual assault.

It is also claimed that he exerts control over his church members by managing their finances and communal housing. Every member is assigned a mentor and is expected to demonstrate their loyalty to Robert, known as the ‘Man of God’, by sacrificing their own desires.

Screenshot of the petition against Robert Shinn

Thousands of people have signed the petition

The group emphasized the need for justice, stating that it is imperative to hold accountable those who exploit vulnerable individuals in the name of religion. They believe that these despicable acts cannot go unpunished.

Support this petition to urge law enforcement in Los Angeles, CA and Pacoima, CA to promptly initiate an investigation into Robert Shinn and his offenses.

Despite facing criticism from Netflix viewers for not intervening, authorities were reportedly informed by sources last week that Shinn had been investigated by the police for his involvement in the cult featured on the platform. However, the charges against him were eventually dismissed.

According to sources familiar with the matter, Shinn was accused of two counts of sexual battery in August 2023, including one allegation made by Kylie Douglas, a former 7M member.

Despite their claims, the cases were rejected by the L.A. City Attorney’s Office in April 2024, citing insufficient evidence and a significant delay in reporting as the reasons for not pressing charges.

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