Players Demand Change to Pokemon Go Fest Egg Scam

Participants who hold tickets for Pokemon Go Fest 2024 have been given the opportunity to attend an additional event as part of the game’s yearly celebration. However, some players have expressed their dissatisfaction, referring to it as a “scam.”

The main issue raised this time is the insufficient information provided about the chances of encountering Shiny Pokemon. The official event page stated that all participants would have a higher chance of encountering Shiny Pokemon from 7 km eggs, but did not clarify the exact increase in rates.

In a Reddit thread discussing the lack of transparency, a user pointed out that for long-time players, it should be clear that “increased chance”does not hold much significance unless Niantic provides actual numbers. For new players, it is important to take this warning into account.

The Pokemon Larvesta is shown
Niantic/The Pokemon Company

Shiny Larvesta will have a chance of hatching during the event

The responses were prompt in sharing their perspective. One response questioned, “If Niantic doesn’t provide any public figures, how can anyone else verify the information?”Another added, “It’s essentially an internal assessment…a deception within a deception.”

Some people compared the lack of clarity to past occurrences involving Shiny Larvesta and Deino.

“Unfortunately, this issue can be traced back to the Deino controversy that occurred years ago. Despite this, they have persisted in organizing these egg events, and individuals have continued to be deceived. It is only a matter of time before people recognize this as a scam and refrain from spending money on eggs.”

In contrast, it has been noted that Niantic does not ensure that players will obtain the specific Shiny they are searching for. However, this overlooks the main issue. The discontent arises from uncertainty about whether the buff is significant enough to justify actively pursuing a particular Pokémon.

Despite the absence of specific figures, there are numerous other incentives to take part in egg hunting at Go Fest 2024, which may still dissuade you from participating.

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