Pokemon Go Finally Available in China After Glitch Causes Geoblock Lift

Despite being geoblocked just one year after its initial release, Pokemon Go has finally made its way to mainland China. This was made possible by a mysterious 30-minute glitch that temporarily lifted the country-wide ban.

Despite its immense popularity upon its initial release in 2016, Pokemon Go was swiftly prohibited in China due to concerns over national security and consumer safety. The country specifically focused on the potential risks associated with using a mobile device while playing the game.

Nevertheless, on July 7, 2024, an unusual glitch occurred where numerous Pokemon Go players were able to access their games and virtually explore mainland China. Unmanned Gyms, Pokestops, and wild spawns appeared throughout the country, providing a unique experience for players.

The abundance of content on the map was largely a result of the ban taking place in 2017, allowing players to contribute their own Pokestops and Gyms, which proved to be useful seven years down the line.

Pokémon go works in China now byu/Hoganprime inpokemongo

Regrettably, it seems that the arrival was simply a malfunction, as the access was only valid for thirty minutes and is now no longer accessible.

However, despite its prohibited status, the Pokemon Go community was ecstatic about the newly available unmanned Gym, with numerous players appreciating the added accessibility. It may be one of those gyms where your Pokemon will never return, but that didn’t dampen the excitement.

In addition to the unoccupied Gyms, some players were able to obtain a few postcards from previously restricted areas, with one individual sharing a picture of Tian’anmen Square in Beijing. While they may not provide additional resources or region-specific Pokemon, these postcards are highly sought after by collectors searching for rare items in the game.

At present, it remains unclear why the geoban was lifted in mainland China or why it was only in effect for thirty minutes.

We have contacted Niantic to request a statement.

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