Pokemon Go Incense Guide: How to Get and Use Incense

If you are an enthusiastic Pokemon Go player, you have likely noticed the abundance of Pocket Monsters roaming the world, ready to assist you in catching them all and completing your Pokedex.

However, if you are unable to leave your home or reside in a remote location, there may be times when the number of Pokemon available decreases. In these situations, one of the most valuable items in Pokemon Go becomes essential: Incense. By using Incense, you can attract and capture more of these adorable creatures to your location.

Getting Incense in Pokemon Go for Free

A screenshot from Pokemon Go shows the Incense item
Niantic/The Pokemon Company

The most efficient and simplest method to acquire Incense in Pokemon Go is by consistently increasing your level. Incense is frequently given as a bonus for reaching new levels, and as players progress to higher levels, they can receive multiple items as rewards.

At certain levels, Pokemon Go players are given an Incense as a reward.

  • 5
  • 7
  • 10
  • 15
  • 20
  • 25
  • 30 (3x Incense)
  • 35 (2x Incense)
  • 40 (4x Incense)
  • 45 (2x Incense)
  • 50 (5x Incense)

Additionally, if players want to earn Poke Coins, they can place their Pokemon in gyms and use them to purchase Incense from the main Pokemon Go shop.

Incense is sometimes given as a prize for completing Timed Research, Special Research, and Battle League challenges in Pokemon Go.

Stay updated on the latest events to check if Incense is included as one of the rewards, including the upcoming Pokemon Go Fest 2024 Global event, the Pokemon Go Fest 2024 Global Eggs-travaganza, and the Inbound from Ultra Space event.

How to get Incense in Pokemon Go with money

A screenshot from Pokemon Go shows the shop with Incense on sale
Niantic/The Pokemon Company

To buy Incense in Pokemon Go, trainers should adhere to these steps:

  • Press the main Poke Ball icon at the bottom center of the screen
  • Click Shop
  • Scroll down to find the Incense item and the 8 Incense item bundle
  • Click on the items to purchase them with your existing Poke Coins

If you have accumulated Poke Coins by placing Pokemon in gyms, you can utilize them to purchase Incense. If you do not have any Poke Coins, you can acquire them through the Pokemon Go shop and use them to buy Incense instead.

How to Use Incense in Pokemon Go

A screenshot from the Pokemon Go menu shows different types of Incense
Niantic/The Pokemon Company

To properly utilize Incense in Pokemon Go, adhere to these directions:

  • Click the Poke Ball icon on the bottom center of the main overworld screen
  • Click on Item
  • Scroll to Incense
  • Click on any Incense you have in your inventory
  • When an Incense appears over the overworld, tap the Incense item to activate it

Afterwards, there is a one-hour time period for players to take advantage of the boosted spawns. Additionally, the Adventure Effect of Origin Forme Dialga can be utilized to prolong this duration.

In addition, there are occasions like Pokemon Go Community Day where this period is extended without any additional effects, allowing Incense to last for a full three hours instead of just one.

How to Obtain Incense in Pokemon Go

Key art for Pokemon Go shows a Trainer using Incense and exploring
Niantic/The Pokemon Company

Upon reaching Lv. 5, Trainers in Pokemon Go are granted the Incense item as a reward for their achievement, providing them with one of the useful items for reaching this milestone.

How to Utilize Daily Adventure Incense in Pokemon Go

Screenshots from Pokemon Go show how to use the Daily Adventure Incense
Niantic/The Pokemon Company

If you have been looking through your inventory and wondering about the usage of the Daily Adventure Incense, this item is a bit distinct from the regular Incense since it refreshes daily.

The Daily Adventure Incense, as its name suggests, can be recharged every 24 hours. Once recharged, players can click the incense icon on the top right of the screen to start a 15-minute countdown.

During this period, similar to a typical Incense, distant Pokemon are attracted to the Trainer, causing some Pokemon that may not typically appear in the encounter pool to suddenly appear in front of players. The Galarian Birds from the Sword and Shield DLC are actually only available through the Daily Adventure Incense encounters.

Although this item can still be used while standing still, it is most productive when you are walking. To increase your chances of encountering more Pokemon, keep moving while using either a regular Incense or the Daily Adventure Incense. This is also an opportune moment to attempt hatching Eggs.

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