Pokemon Go: Players Baffled by Ongoing Frustrating Raid Bug

Pokemon Go players are still expressing their frustrations about the ongoing bug that is affecting Raids.

Despite the ongoing and upcoming events that have resulted in high engagement for Niantic’s mobile game, there has been an increase in complaints regarding the unreliability of Raid timers.

During Go Fest New York, a player was unable to catch Necrozma due to similar circumstances. This time, the player was once again denied the opportunity to defeat another Ultra Beast, Guzzlord.

“Why do Raids have a five-minute time limit if the final five seconds hold no significance?”questioned the frustrated post on Reddit. Adding more details, the original poster shared, “I attempted the Guzzlord Raid three times, successfully defeating it twice with only a second left, but the game still declared me a loser.”

If the designated time is less than the advertised time, the author questioned why Raids are not modified to last for 290 seconds instead.

pokemon go ultra beasts

The bug isn’t specific to a single Raid Pokemon.

One person shared, “The same thing happened to me yesterday. I was about to win in the last six seconds, but then the timer ran out. I felt really frustrated.”

Some people recommended bringing along teammates to Raids to guarantee that ‘mons are defeated with enough time left, but responses noted that there are two problems. Firstly, the timers can be unreliable, and secondly, there is a bug that can prevent victory.

“Even if he had tried, it wouldn’t have succeeded. The issue wasn’t his inability to defeat it, but rather the fact that he encountered a bug that was bound to occur.”

“According to another person, the timer continues counting down even after the boss’s HP reaches zero.”

It is unclear if Niantic is aware of the issues as no statement has been released by the developer at the time of writing.

Thankfully for those impacted, there is an abundance of Ultra Beast Raids happening. The event “Inbound From Ultra Space”will be held from July 8-12 and offers a variety of rewards.

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