Pokemon Go players give up hunting impossible shiny before it’s even released

Despite the highly anticipated release of shiny Larvesta in Pokemon Go, players have given up on obtaining and evolving it into shiny Volcarona due to the extremely slim chances.

The revelation of the Scorching Steps event in Pokemon Go caught fans off guard due to its inclusion of the highly sought-after shiny versions of Larvesta and Volcarona. However, some players have already decided to stop playing, despite the event not beginning until June 21, 2024.

Despite being available in 2km, 5km, and 10km Eggs, Larvesta is still considered the most challenging hatch. And if that wasn’t daunting enough, the evolution to the legendary Volcarona requires a staggering 400 Candy. With obtaining the Pokemon alone being a difficult task, trainers can only dream of obtaining its shiny form.

Upon being presented with a comparison between the shiny and regular versions of Larvesta and Volcarona by Reddit user ‘JEREMIE’, other users noticed a major flaw with the event.

Shiny Larvesta family comparison byu/JEREMlE inTheSilphRoad

Some players expressed their thoughts on the rarity of Larvesta hatches, with one saying they will skip it as they have yet to hatch a Chardacet, which is more commonly found. Another player shared their experience of owning a Larvesta for a year and still not having enough candies to evolve it, causing them to give up on shiny-hunting for it.

Despite being available in Pokemon Go for some time now, a significant number of trainers have not yet added this Bug/Fire-type to their collection. This is surprising considering that they have already hatched Frigibax, the Pseudo Legendary Scarlet and Violet line, whose evolved form Baxcalibur is much more effective in Raids and the Go Battle League than Volcarona.

A different fan pointed out that the Larvesta hatch rate and shiny chances remained unchanged during the Scorching Steps event, rendering it not worth participating in.

However, for players who are disappointed by the absence of Larvesta and its shiny form in their collection, some have pointed out that the Flying/Dragon-type Noibat was also difficult to find but received a Community Day event just four months after its shiny version was released.

As we await confirmation of a Larvesta Community Day in Pokemon Go, players can still anticipate the addition of fresh shinies, such as the beloved Jangmo-o, during Go Fest 2024.

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