Pokemon Go players slam “underwhelming” Ultra Unlock rewards as worst yet

Despite the announcement of the Ultra Unlock 2024 bonuses in Pokemon Go, trainers are feeling disappointed by the underwhelming rewards that do not live up to the excitement of previous years.

Despite offering new Pokemon, shinies, and a Mega Raid Day, the bonuses unlocked by completing 20 Global Challenges in Go Fest have been criticized by many as being a downgrade from previous editions.

A trainer thoroughly examined the bonuses offered during the Ultra Unlock event from 2018 to 2024 and posted their findings on Reddit. The conclusion was that this year’s rewards are inferior to those of previous years.

A quick recap of previous Ultra Unlock events, compared to what we get this year byu/lxpb inTheSilphRoad

Despite the fact that this year’s Ultra Unlocks offer 4x XP for five days, fellow trainers were quick to note that in the past, they were considered to be “good times”due to their inclusion of huge bonuses like a full week of 3x Stardust. Everyone unanimously agreed that this year’s Ultra Unlocks were “underwhelming”in comparison.

The Cranidos/Shieldon Research Day in 2022’s Ultra Unlock was highly praised by many, as it offered players numerous opportunities to encounter these two Pokemon. Additionally, they had the chance to appear in their shiny forms and were considered powerful creatures in the meta.

Despite neither of them being new species or shinies, fans still had an enjoyable experience and pointed out that they are still highly desirable catches in Lucky Trades.

Despite Niantic potentially adding more to this year’s bonuses, some still argued that it would still pale in comparison to previous years. The lackluster performance of 2024 even prompted some to mock Niantic.

“I can’t comprehend why Niantic is so determined to heavily reduce bonuses. I would assume their objective is to increase the number of people actively playing their game. Generous rewards are effective in achieving this,”a commenter remarked.

After grinding hard at Go Fest, fans receive Ultra Unlocks, so the community is surely anticipating the addition of more bonuses to show appreciation for their dedication.

As you anticipate Pokemon Go Fest 2024, be sure to discover all the recently added shiny Pokemon that you can catch. Additionally, learn how to obtain the Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings fusions of Necrozma.

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