Pokemon Go Players Struggle with Team Rocket Battles Due to Persistent Shield Bug

A recently discovered bug in Pokemon Go has emerged, causing players to be unable to finish Team Rocket battles and therefore losing valuable resources, leading to frustration among trainers.

Engaging in Team Rocket battles can be quite daunting for Pokemon Go players, and currently, a troublesome glitch is hindering the ability to defeat them and capture their Shadow Pokemon.

The screen freezing glitch has been causing battles to either not register or result in defeat for your teams, necessitating the use of Potions to restore their HP. According to Reddit user ‘skewtr’, this issue has been occurring in every other battle for the past few days.

Using a Protect Shield in a GO Rocket battle freezes the game sometimes. byu/skewtr inTheSilphRoad

Numerous trainers who had grown weary of the persistent glitch turned to the comments section to express their frustration, and also divulged additional information.

Some players have shared their experiences with the glitch, stating that it typically occurs when facing the Ice Grunt’s first Pokemon and their charged attack. Others have only encountered it with the shadow Grunt and their shadow Drifloon, finding it frustrating when it happens.

Another person commented, “It appears that the issue arises when the opposing player executes a charged attack simultaneous to my fast attack that would have defeated them.”

Initially, it was believed that the glitch was occurring solely when the Party Play feature was being used on Pokemon Go. However, further reports have revealed that the glitch is also happening without the feature being activated.

Despite the evidence pointing towards the Ice and Ghost-type Grunts as the main culprits, the Psychic-type NPC was also found to be affected by this bug in the list of battles. And if that wasn’t problematic enough, a trainer noted that the Arlo battle was equally plagued by this issue.

Currently, the only solution to continue playing Pokemon Go after encountering this glitch is to restart the game. Players can only hope that they will not encounter this issue during battles against Team Rocket Boss Giovanni and the other Leaders, Sierra and Cliff.

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