Possible Collaboration between Apple and Meta for iOS AI Development

It appears that Apple is considering building a partnership with Meta to utilize their AI model for iOS 18, in addition to their current partnerships with OpenAI and Google.

In a recent development, Apple has joined forces with OpenAI to enhance the capabilities of iOS 18 through generative AI technology. According to a new report, Apple is also in discussions with its competitor, Meta, to establish a comparable collaboration.

According to the report from the Wall Street Journal, individuals who are familiar with the discussions have shared that Apple has engaged in talks with Meta regarding a potential partnership involving its generative AI models. The report also mentions that Apple has had similar discussions with other AI startups, such as Perplexity and Anthropic.

This partnership has the potential to reduce Apple’s dependence on a single partner. By bringing Meta on board, customers will have the option to select which external AI models they wish to use alongside Apple’s own internal systems.

Similarly to the agreement between Apple and OpenAI, the implementation is anticipated to be comparable. Though the majority of user requests are handled by Apple’s on-device or cloud AI in iOS 18, specific user inquiries are directed to ChatGPT with the user’s consent. Once authorization is given, ChatGPT processes the request and produces a response.

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At the recently concluded WWDC, Craig Frederighi of Apple expressed that the company believes OpenAI is the ideal choice for our users at present. He announced Apple’s collaboration with OpenAI, stating that they wanted to begin with the top option.

Although the discussions between Apple and Meta have not been concluded, there is always a possibility of encountering obstacles during these negotiations. Despite their conflicting views on the use of new technology, Meta may be considering the potential of tapping into Apple’s large user base.

It is noteworthy that ChatGPT, provided by OpenAI, is available for free through Apple without any financial benefit for the company. Nevertheless, a paid subscription can be purchased through Apple Intelligence, with Apple receiving a portion of the profits generated from its devices. If Apple were to acquire Meta, Gemini, or any other AI service, it is likely that they would adopt a similar approach.

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