Possible New Music from BLACKPINK’s Lisa Sparks Excitement Among Fans

According to reports, Lisa from BLACKPINK is preparing for a solo comeback and is planning to release her new song on Spotify and Apple Music. This announcement has elicited a range of responses from fans, some of whom have expressed concern about the availability of these platforms and the language used in the song.

Despite the variety of responses, fans have flocked to social media to share their thoughts on Lisa’s highly anticipated comeback. While some are eagerly anticipating her return, others have raised concerns and voiced their opinions.

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“I saw that she plans to release her song on Spotify and Apple Music first. This might be a bit challenging for me since I’m not familiar with these international music platforms,”a fan expressed, echoing the concerns of many Korean fans.

One fan raised concerns about the path of Lisa’s career, asking, “Does this mean she will no longer promote in Korea? Both Lisa’s solo company LLOUD and the company she is collaborating with are based outside of Korea. Additionally, the song appears to be in English.”

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Despite the concerns expressed, some fans noted that there were similarities to previous releases, commenting “This seems similar to BP’s previous comeback, but it’s just a notification.”

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Language also seems to play a crucial role in fans’ responses. As one netizen pointed out, “Even though these Korean idols are signed under Korean companies, they only release English songsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ,”highlighting the annoyance of fans who have a preference for Korean lyrics.

Despite this, some individuals viewed the incorporation of English as a chance to expand their global reach: “Even if you are not proficient in English, if you have some familiarity with being a fan, you should be able to navigate Spotify and Apple Music, right?”

Despite certain fans expressing concern about the upcoming changes, there are others who continue to hold a positive outlook and are eagerly anticipating Lisa’s return. Comments such as “I can’t wait for Lisa’s comeback”and “When will the song be released? I only caught a glimpse of it”further demonstrate the growing excitement surrounding the release.

One fan attempted to calm down fellow fans by clarifying, “It seems like they have added Lisa’s name to Spotify and Apple Music to alert fans. If you do not have access to these platforms, you will still be able to recognize the “coming soon”sign in the photo.”

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