Prime Video’s Most-Watched TV Show: A Surprising Unknown Success

Believe you are familiar with all the popular series this year? Think again – the most-watched series of all time on Prime Video is one that you probably haven’t come across before.

In 2024, new TV shows featuring original stories have been exceptionally successful. From the hit series Baby Reindeer on Netflix to the highly anticipated Star Wars show The Acolyte, viewers have had a wide selection to choose from.

Despite the lack of discussion surrounding it, Maxton Hall – The World Between Us, a German language series, has surpassed all other international original series on Prime Video to become the most-watched.

Maxton Hall, which is based on the novel Save Me by Mona Kasten, centers around Ruby who unintentionally becomes privy to a fiery secret at the prestigious school. This leads to an encounter with the conceited and wealthy James Beaufort, resulting in a series of dramatic events.

In less than two days after its release on May 9, 2024, the show became the most-watched series on the streaming service and remained in the top 10 chart, solidifying its spot as one of the most popular shows on the platform.

“According to one fan’s response on X/Twitter, Prime Video’s peak areas are romantic shows and superhero shows. Another fan chimed in, confessing to have rewatched the show three times and planning to do so even more, as they continue to discover new details with each viewing.”

Another person also expressed their agreement by saying, “Well-deserved. That’s all that needs to be said. We are eagerly anticipating Season 2.”

It is no surprise that Maxton Hall has been declared the next binge-worthy TV show by some viewers, as the series has already been renewed for additional episodes. With the release of Kasten’s second book, we have a glimpse of what is to come.

Actor Damian Hardung expressed to TV Insider that the second book delves into the darker aspects of James’ character. They have discussed the loss of his mother and the emotional turmoil he experiences as a result. While portraying these challenging scenes is rewarding, Hardung admits to feeling more fear than joy at the thought of a second season and having to relive that pain.

I am confident that the show’s message will remain impactful. When true love exists, no barrier can come between two people. They have the strength to conquer any challenges and circumstances in order to be together.

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