Reasons for Hyuna and Yong Jun-hyung’s Quick Marriage Decision: Trust and Confidence

On July 8th, Hyuna’s agency AT AREA announced that the female singer will be getting married to Yong Jun-hyung in October. BLACKMADE, Yong Jun-hyung’s agency, also confirmed the news and stated that “The couple has decided to get married based on their strong love and trust for each other”.

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The couple garnered significant attention when they announced their plans to marry less than a year after publicly revealing their relationship earlier this year. According to Hyuna’s representatives, she made a promise to marry Yong Jun-hyung, who has consistently provided her with immense support during challenging times.

Despite the company’s attempts to conceal her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Dawn, Hyuna has always been open and honest about her love life. She even went against their wishes and made their relationship public, stating that she did not want to keep it a secret.

This demonstrates Hyuna’s strong confidence and trust in Yong Jun-hyung, as well as the solid faith the two share in each other, as she publicly announced their marriage less than a year after they began dating.

It has been reported by insiders that Hyuna and Yong Jun-hyung’s relationship has been built on a strong foundation of trust and confidence. This ultimately led to their natural decision to get married, as their love and trust for each other is truly extraordinary.

Hyuna initially debuted with Wonder Girls in 2007 before later re-debuting with the group 4Minute. She is now a successful solo artist, known for her popular songs “Change”, “Bubble Pop!”, “Red”, “I’m Not Cool”, and more.

After debuting as a member of BEAST (now known as HIGHLIGHT) in 2009, Yong Jun-hyung withdrew from the group in 2019 following allegations of his involvement in Jung Joon-young’s scandal. He is currently pursuing a solo career.

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