Reasons to Always Defeat This Character in Act 2, According to Baldur’s Gate 3 Players

Traversing the Shadow-Cursed Lands in Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3 can prove challenging if you fail to find a way to protect yourself from the Curse. However, there are methods, such as sacrificing one character, that some players have discovered to quickly overcome the Curse and safeguard their party.

Upon reaching Act 2 in Baldur’s Gate 3, your main objective is typically to address the consequences of the Shadow Curse. There are several methods to achieve this, most of which involve dealing with Kar’niss and obtaining his Moonlantern through theft.

If you head to Last Light Inn before anything else, you can become a member of the Harpers and surprise him. After he is defeated, you will take the lantern and have the choice to release the Pixie or not. In either scenario, you will be protected from the Shadow Curse.

As it turns out, there is a more effective method to approach this, particularly if you are pursuing an evil path and desire to eliminate Isobel (or if you simply wish to do so, regardless of your alignment).

According to ‘TehAsianator’ on Reddit, the most efficient method for beginning Act 2 is to travel through the Mountain Pass and summon the Drider.

Before proceeding, it is essential to ensure that you have obtained the Spider’s Lyre from Minthara during Act 1. This can be accomplished by either defeating her, subduing and taking her belongings, or having her as a member of your party. Alternatively, the lyre can also be acquired from Nere in Grymforge. Once you have the lyre, you may enter Act 2 through the Mountain Pass.

Spider's Lyre stats in Baldur's Gate 3
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You can summon Kar’niss with the Spider’s Lyre.

By utilizing the Spider’s Lyre, you can summon Kar’niss and convince him to relinquish his Moonlantern. Alternatively, if persuasion fails, you can engage in combat and acquire the lantern. In either case, Kar’niss will meet his demise and you will obtain the lantern. Don’t forget to release the Pixie, as this will grant your entire party protection from the Curse.

This method provides earlier protection from the Shadow Curse, and if you intend to defeat Isobel, it is the most effective alternative to acquiring the protection she would have offered.

One player also recommended the tried and true method of dealing with bosses, Barrelmancy, as an easier way to defeat Kar’niss.

“They suggested bringing him in and not immediately joining the convoy. Instead, they recommended simply Barrelmancing him, as he would only be standing around waiting for you.”

Barrelamancy is a term coined by fans, used to describe the practice of surrounding an enemy with explosive barrels and igniting them to cause a chain explosion.

To enhance your creativity, The Iron Flask can also be utilized during the battle against Kar’niss. Regardless, it is important to be fully prepared for Act 2, defend against the Curse, and have your most powerful weapons at the ready for the fight.

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