Recommended K-dramas after Hierarchy

After completing Hierarchy, you may be interested in watching more K-dramas with a similar theme. Have no fear, there are several options to choose from.

The plot of Netflix’s latest K-drama Hierarchy follows the same themes as other popular K-dramas as it exposes the hidden secrets of an exclusive high school and its privileged students.

Underneath the façade of prestige and influence of Jooshin High School lies the enrollment of Kang Ha, a scholarship student. However, his admission to the school is not without purpose, as he is determined to uncover the truth behind a heinous crime.

This latest K-drama is a must-see for viewers seeking a plot filled with suspense that will keep them on the edge of their seats. It also explores the power struggle between the privileged elite and a determined student who aims to make them face the consequences of their actions.

The Glory

Despite being a victim of school bullying, Moon Dong-eun was forced to drop out of school and abandon her dreams in The Glory. Fueled by a desire for revenge, she becomes fixated on her former bullies who have escaped consequences and continue to live privileged lives.

As an adult, she puts her plan into action. She secures a teaching position at the school where her main bully’s daughter is enrolled, intending for her tormentors to destroy each other while she remains uninvolved in the aftermath.

Dong-eun exposes all of their deepest secrets, tarnishes their reputation in the public eye, and forces those closest to them to face the truth about the harm they have inflicted. Throughout it all, she receives assistance from a physician with a troubled past of his own.

Where can I find it?: Netflix


If you are searching for a K-drama that delves deeper into the themes of wealth disparity and teenage drama, Tempted is an excellent choice. It is regarded as a beloved teen romance that centers on a financially disadvantaged female protagonist who becomes entangled in a wager between her affluent peers.

Su-ji, Si-hyeon, and Se-ju, who have been close friends since they were young, all come from affluent backgrounds. After Su-ji experiences heartbreak from her previous relationship, she sets her sights on Eun Tae-hui, a modest college student.

Su-ji pleads with Si-hyeon to seduce and shame her after finding out that Tae-hui was her ex-boyfriend’s first love. Even though she was an outsider to their group, Si-hyeon never anticipated falling in love and now finds herself torn between her new romantic feelings and her friendship.

You can find Viki as the platform to watch this.

Penthouse: War in Life

The residents of Hera Palace are among the most affluent and powerful families, all of whom have a strong desire for status and influence. However, beneath the opulence of the building lies a host of hidden secrets, with Shim Su-ryeon reigning as the queen.

Upon discovering her husband’s unfaithfulness and illegal actions, Su-ryeon makes a vow to seek retribution. In order to achieve her goal, she teams up with Oh Yoon-hee, a woman from a humble upbringing who shares her ambition of elevating their children to the same social standing.

Intertwined in the plot is Cheon Seo-jin, the leading lady who makes sure her daughter is provided with all she could want.

The plot of the K-drama revolves around the murder of a young tutor, whose demise is linked to the residents of the building. Penthouse: War in Life delves into a ruthless competition for dominance and riches, showcasing the lengths that the families will go to in order to maintain their flawless reputation.

Where can I find it: Netflix

Extracurricular Activities

Despite its focus on students who get involved in crime and danger, extracurricular is not limited to just the elite. Ji-soo, a model student who goes unnoticed, suddenly finds himself caught up in a domino effect caused by his secrets.

The plot of the K-drama centers around four students, with Ji-soo as the main character. He has a hidden criminal past and is working hard to earn money for college. However, when his secret is discovered by high school bully Da-bin, it disrupts everything.

Ji-soo finds himself caught up in the reality of the world he had been secretly involved in, and as a result, he also involves everyone else.

How to watch: on Netflix

Revenge of Others

The upcoming K-drama of 2022 will be a treat for viewers who were captivated by the suspenseful murder plot in Hierarchy. The protagonist, Chan-mi, is a skilled marksman, but her world is turned upside down when she discovers that her twin brother has taken his own life.

After developing a strong belief that he was killed and the suicide was a disguise, she takes on an undercover role at his high school in search of the truth. However, Chan-mi must confront the school’s social hierarchy and their willingness to cover up their wrongdoings.

Soo-heon, who has taken on a vigilante persona, is deeply involved in her investigation and seeks revenge on behalf of bullied students.

How to view: Hulu

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