Recording and Filming Shows but No Acting: BTS’ Jin Answers Fans’ Questions About His Busy Life After Military Discharge

On June 30, a male fan inquired on the fan community Weverse about Jin’s current activities, to which Jin responded that he is currently busy recording, filming variety shows, and working on the plans he had made while serving in the military.

He disclosed, “I try my best to balance my main job and making appearances,”and also mentioned, “The outcomes will be announced in a few months, so kindly be patient for a little while longer.”

jin bts

When questioned by a different fan about the release date of “Super Tuna”digital, he replied, “I believe it would be best for me to maintain my manners as Jimin has recently released his album. Let’s put this on hold for now.”Another fan expressed their anticipation for Jin’s acting career, to which he responded, “I do not have any current plans for acting. I apologize.”

After completing his active duty in the military, Jin was discharged on June 12. The following day, he attended “2024 Festa”in order to personally meet and interact with fans, known as ARMYs.

The source of the information is from Daum, which can be accessed through the link provided: //

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